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For the US and Israel prepared a nightmare scenario in Syria

Chinese aviation will become a new messiah in Syria.

The Chinese information resource Sina and the Israeli television channel 9TV cite information that in the near future the means of Chinese military aviation may appear on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. The main reason for this is the desire of the PRC to destroy the Uyghur militants who massively crossed from the territory of the PRC to Syria, which in turn could become the most real threat to the United States and Israel.

As follows from the information provided by the Israeli TV channel "9TV", ​​China intends to seriously approach the issue of the liberation of the territory of Syria from the militants and terrorists, and it is quite possible to send several dozens of its combat aircraft to this country by the end of the year.

"With the advent of China in Syria, the Assad regime will take control of the entire territory of the country, which will become a nightmare scenario for Washington and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf", - informs "9TV".

Specialists have suggested that the PRC of the PRC can really come to Syria, and, most likely, the speech is about replacing Russian VCS, which are supposed to be withdrawn from the territory of Syria in the near future.

"If China does come to Syria, the national interests of the United States will be dealt a crushing blow. China will not stand on anybody, but will only give time to militants and terrorists to surrender, and in case of refusal, will give the troops of the Western coalition time for the evacuation of their bases and forces, after which they will simply destroy the enemy ", - the expert comments.

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