Donald Trump


Donald Trump: "Prepare for Russia - our" smart "missiles will fly"

Trump is preparing to launch missiles in Syria and Russian airbases.

Relations between Russia and the United States in Syria are rapidly deteriorating, and virtually no military analysts doubt that the madness of US President Donald Trump will prevail over common sense.

On his official page in the social network "Twitter" Donald Trump wrote that the decision on Syria has already been taken, and therefore, the government forces of this country and Russia should prepare for a "meeting" with American missiles.

"Russia promises to bring down any missiles fired in the direction of Syria. Prepare, Russia, they will fly. They will be good, new and "smart"! You should not have supported an animal that kills its own people and is entertained by it ", - said the American leader.

Taking into account the fact that American missiles, and most likely the subsequent massive raid of US combat aircraft, are already inevitable, Russia has prepared itself for Syria's serious defense, in particular, if necessary, the fighters and bombers of the air defense system will be immediately flown into the sky, and air defense systems are already listed in full combat readiness, since they will be the major task associated with the destruction of cruise missiles launched from American ships.

It is important to take into account the fact that the Russian Federation's military grouping in Syria is very limited, however, in case of the slightest aggression by the US towards Russia, the main forces will be slowly transferred to the region, especially since the Russian Defense Ministry earlier warned the Pentagon about the sad consequences for the US Air Force and the fleet in the event of an attack by Syria and Russian bases located on the territory of this country.

Place Trump Chamber number 6

I can not drive and can not see the answer from the Russian military, they fly fire bomb Syria, what's the problem?

Look at this amerikos, he still does not kill anyone. 72 is still like him to die ......

..... gingerbread, cookies, margarine! A match, already, will not be necessary!

Prepare America Products "Status" with 100 megaton charges have already fallen to the bottom in the area of ​​the Saint Andreas tectonic fault at a kilometer depth ... We'll wake up Yellowstone ... And come what may. But the missiles are definitely not needed. No one will taste the sweetness of victory ....

Trump is only a doll, run by the US other people

Is it possible to walk far away to choose a lane

You are right, Trump, in my opinion, need psychiatric help. In general, the Americans made the mistake of choosing Trump president. The role of this person in the history of mankind does not predict anything good.

Ordinary stuffed straws it will fit who can and Eli will return Tatoshkai home eh

Open me a century ... asked Trump and shook the dandruff from Macron

We must be able to build the right relations with those peoples who want to build such relations, especially such relations should want to build the elites of these peoples. And with the degenerate elite, such as Anglo-Saxon or Okrug - I personally do not see any reason to build any relationship, because their policy is based on lies, and for this reason they are incompetent because they can not be trusted. A
4 thousand salary and the same rent because our money under the noise in 90-e privatized by well-known characters of Russian politics, which we fucked as a result of thieves 'voucher privatization and no less thieves' mortgage auctions with our tacit consent and unlimited patience. Under the action of the two well-known politicians 80-x-90-x, we lost the unique civilization of working people, which had no analogues in world history. It remains only to regret this. And our money can be seen in the magazine "Frbs." There I think you will find a trillion other unpaid wages and pensions. And this will continue until Russia emerges from the capitalist impasse, in which we are led by well-known provocateur liberals.

It is necessary to be able to build right and reasonable relations with other peoples and be cultured and educated in relation to even their own. The rent is 4 thousand in the winter, and the income is 4 thousand. Do not be afraid.

To the credit of Trump will be said, because he did not deceive, the smoking-room, the old prankster! Indeed, the "smart missiles" Trump flew, and still not somewhere, but directly to Moscow! And successfully studied by our specialists. I would not be greedy, I would send a couple more, the newest, the most "smart" for research and replenishment of our collection.

Well, this is primarily the decision of the Syrians themselves

Thank you Donald received two, send again at the same address

I will tell you one clever idea, only you do not be offended: Russia and Syria should immediately hold referendums on Syria's accession to Russia, while the name of Syria will be like this - the Syrian Arab Republic. For example, years on 100, still the restoration of Syria will fall on the shoulders of the Russians. And after all are calm - again to return sovereignty, and maybe not!

Not bad Donald has invested in advertising Russian weapons ... A worthy president of the country about which so much joked unforgettable Zadornov. Where did stupid Americans get smart missiles ... and presidents too ...

Super! That's above this Trump and his hawks should definitely think about. And then they dreamed. Great Wang predicted that the last US president would be black. This time (Obama) has passed - further the strait between Mexico and Canada. There will be no other president for the US, because there may not be more than the US itself!

Our President (RF) has already given you a clear answer: torture the dust to swallow, gentlemen! And we, the citizens of Russia, believe our PRESIDENT !!!

Your smart missiles have already arrived and are being studied for proficiency, while the conclusions are depressing, all 12 newest missiles have reached their destination and fallen to the ground, grateful Syrians have transferred them to Russia, after studying Mr. Trump is invited to buy out the recommendations of Russian scientists to improve the quality of products, for Alaska, eg

As Russia is hated in the whole world, no country will take this championship!

In the past Our commander said: "Who will come to us with the sword, that will perish by the sword" !!! We will deploy, flying US missiles in the opposite direction and they will fall to Washington, and Washington will become a desert from its own missiles !!!! And Trump will yell: "Oh woe is grief to me" and no one will hear his shrieking !!!

Anatoly, in connection with a large number of errors and a set of fragmentary phrases, almost completely lost the meaning of the replica. Please be specific and without errors in the Russian language.

Rockets can be smart, but sorry they fell into the hands of Fools!

as he said unforgettable zadornov, (Americans, NUUU Tupyyyyye !!!) conclusion, what they themselves, such and rockets!

Trump does not understand that Russian experts, as invited by the government of Syria, can be anywhere in the country. Any mistake by the US military in the bombardment of Syria and the deaths of Russian citizens will lead to retaliatory strikes. The end result will be a great strait between Mexico and Canada. Trump certainly will take off on the presidential plane with his family and other ballast, but there will be no landing. I'll have to ask for a country villa to Merkel. She gladly accepts all refugees. Only there, Trump needs to fly. On the way, there will be different "Bermuda triangles" and UFOs. Did Mr. Trump agree with all kinds of aliens about the planned crimes? He does not think that the Day of UFO will come for a spoiled Flower called EARTH. The surviving Americans will catch Trump for the purpose of a story for the fact that he is still hanging out with him. After all, the military could not capture their wives and children on the ships and planes, they entrusted their merchant Trump. And he sold them. Ask Trump what he lacks? Another hamburger or a piece of gold on your teeth. When caught, then they will feed you, and they will put the gold in the right place and do not need it. The sense of humankind from such a member of any. It is inflated, tuzhitsja, on an output or release a soap bubble. And he always bursts! Translate Trump, or he in Russian words. Maybe something will come. Time will tell.

To conclude a military alliance with Syria and an agreement on mutual military assistance. A blow to Syria is a blow to Russia. And all business. And again: Get up, the country is huge ....

The rocket strikes were made on the reputation of the United States and their coalition, only now they are hated more in the East, and all over the world.

We have a weak base. Do not protest! In the electronics! If in I being and using the base that is in the air in the air. I dont know. But it seems our location in the damage. Dispatcher. We do not see almost anything!

I was surprised when I saw the radar-7, not even P-35 or 37, it's strange too. I think that we are discussing as specialists. They showed it in the body. They are not so effective!

The red dog has gone crazy it's time to turn on the brain

at the tramp in the photo face fool, it seems either dtsp or from a strong hangover ..

And why should we send additional forces to Syria? I'll press the button and they will, by their own way, switch over, and not only to Syria, but immediately to Pindosovsky bases, ships, etc.

Smart missiles must be at home and bad flying

Good photo with aiming. It reminded me of Yeltsin, he also called the same gesture. That's what they are like. I think the consequences will be the same.

You need to read this way. Russia is ready, we are ready to bury hundreds of Americans, put the world on the brink of nuclear war, be impeached and go to jail for a crime against humanity. Yours faithfully, Д (урак) Trump.

so there were their new smart missiles that were lost on the way - and now they will be lost which will fly off - and then the carriers will be lost - and this is the planes and destroyers and the aircraft carriers too. Here 12 flashed an 31 moment of 101 bm dagger carriers - on krupnyak just enough, and with a small thing and a submarine sorted out and calibers with x-200 - so 400 missiles are better for specific targets than 400 in such area as Syria or even Damascus and will all XNUMX fly away

on the history of the United States and it was always ogrsora to come up with different reasons to seize the free resource they play, they will punish their God for their deeds and throw a meteorite into the pintangon where the dull minds are sitting who do not think about that and do not say that this was done again by Russia and so will think ludshe about mother world's peace in the whole world.

on the history of the United States and it was always ogrsora to come up with different reasons to seize the free resource they play, they will punish their God for their deeds and throw a meteorite into the pintangon where the dull minds are sitting who do not think about that and do not say that this was done again by Russia and so will think ludshe about mother world's peace in the whole world.

USA is the OGERSOR who want to grab the resource of the globe from 1829g and sow a day inventing every time a history of Kakueto to be a reason only for the time being. Here is Bozhenka to get angry throwing a meteorite at the pentagon where those blunt minds sit and then do not say what it did Russia, after all, I warned you to think about the planet Mother Earth and not to fight for centuries. Peace in the whole world, God grant us the strength to learn how to negotiate without war and it will be.

There was not any suddenness in the attack on Shayrat. Our command was notified of the impending strike for 3 (!!!) hours.
And Soloviev explained to us that everything is to blame for "Earth's Curvature"

Playing the public. With such a statement and the fleet can be deprived. Russia is not the North Korea to argue from whom the red button is bigger.

Everything will be as it will be and nothing else.

Everything will be as it will be and nothing else.

What is the difficulty of knocking down a cruise missile, including tomahawks and calibers? The fact that the height of their flight is only a few meters from the ground. Why did the last year's strike on the air base of Shayrat not be neutralized? Because of the suddenness. But now we are ready. We in the SAR have shells, 300 and C400. So we will destroy the missiles. In extreme cases, they can be brought down from the air. Also, in Syria there are Bastions and PCRs, which can be launched from the air. For example, X35 Uranus, which fly at an extremely low altitude. US destroyers and cruisers of the US Navy are equipped with decimeter radars, which simply will not be noticed by low-flying RCCs. Therefore, they will not be very happy if they do something.

Matches, salt, cereals, firewood, oil.

And ours today is not worse. Today you need to have smart heads, not rockets. But on the other side of such that, it is not observed.

Well, you're Trumpushka. It is worth stupid only once and fix nothing. And prepare? Well, I'm sorry, you do not have time to think about it, and already between Mexico and Canada, the strait and no America.

The moment has come when this is really a Battle Alarm.

Training in real combat conditions, we would not really interfere.

Not what the coalition led by the US was doing, that's why there was no success. There were no successes, but the weapon was regularly supplied with weapons. It turns out that the United States and the coalition helped the IG terrorists. The US, with threats and handouts, contains a host of vassals through which it spreads lies and slander to achieve its own selfish ends.

I think that the US will move to diplomacy. Only if they receive a tangible gift In response to their aggression.

The US-led NATO is waging war against all countries that want to rob, that is, preach and carry out fascist aggression against other countries, and the United Nations is pleased with them, although it is time for the highest civilian and military leaders of NATO (aggressor) countries to be brought to trial, like the Nuremberg Tribunal .

Does the US have "smart missiles"?