Refueling of the Russian Tu-160 was shown on video

The refueling of the Russian strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-160 was shown on video.

"Zvezda" TV channel has published unique videos of refueling of the Russian strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-160 in the air, which caused a lot of enthusiastic reviews, both from Russian citizens and from citizens of other countries.

The presented video footage shows how the crew of a strategic missile carrier accurately manages a giant airplane, without any problems bringing the aircraft to the fueling hose. Despite the fact that outwardly such actions seem relatively simple, in fact, the process of refueling in the air is one of the most complicated and requires the pilots to maximum concentration, since any inaccurate action can not only create a threat to a combat aircraft, the more strategic a bomber- missile carrier, but also damage it.

It should be clarified that on the video footage depicted flight over the water area of ​​the Arctic Ocean, East Siberian and Kara Seas - the total length of the route was about 8 thousand kilometers, which, incidentally, is not the limit for the Russian Tu-160.