Bomber B-52


Two American bombers simulated a blow to Kamchatka

The United States continues to create provocations with imitations of attacks on Russia.

A few hours ago, near the borders of the Russian Federation, two American strategic bomber B-52 (MUTT41 and MUTT43 - note ed.) Were observed, which approached the island of Medny (Aleutian region, Kamchatka region) at a distance of 120-160 kilometers, imitating strikes on the territory of Russia.

It should be clarified that the Copper Island, next to which the American strategic bombers B-52 were seen, is uninhabited. However, next to it is Bering Island, and at a distance of approximately 300 kilometers, the mainland of Russia, the Kamchatka Peninsula, begins.

This is not the first time that American strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons are suitable for distances less than 200 kilometers to the Russian borders, while experts say that B-52 aircraft can carry a large number of cruise missiles equipped, including nuclear warheads that can be launched from a distance of several hundred kilometers.

Whether the US strategic bomber B-52 was escorted by Russian fighter aircrafts, so far remains unknown - there are no official comments from the Russian Defense Ministry at the moment.

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Why should Russian bombers not imitate bombing attacks in the US border areas, as well as conduct exercises and tests of modern weapons, and even war oneself? After all, they are asking for it and they are getting tougher and harder.