Two people died in a plane crash in Georgia.


Two people died in a plane crash in Georgia.

December 18 2013. As a result of the crash of a small plane "Raytheon 390 premier" in the state of Georgia (USA), two people were killed.

The Federal Aviation Administration of the country reported that the ship flew from the Atlanta Airport (Ga), and should have a destination in the air harbor of New Orleans (Louisiana). On board there were only two people - a pilot and an assistant.

The cause of the accident was a failure in the control systems of the aircraft, which failed for unknown reasons. The ship collapsed into the residential area, without causing any damage to outbuildings and houses. Specialists work at the scene of the accident, clarifying the causes of the crash.

It is a pity that this is happening, especially in vozduhe.gde people so bezzaschiten.Pochemu not ejected? .Vidimo hoped to the last .... Or maybe unconscious were .... But now wonder people do not return. Such cases need to disclose, in order to prevent the next disaster ....