Plane crash


Two Colonels of the Venezuelan Air Force died in a plane crash, sabotage is considered

Two Venezuelan Air Force officers died in a plane crash.

Two Venezuelan Air Force officers died, crashing on a small light aircraft while moving to one of the military sites. According to the data available to, the crash occurred near the town of Santa Elena de Wiiren, while experts do not exclude that sabotage could be the culprit.

On the presented video frames you can see that the aircraft is following the forest, however. at some point, the pilot loses control of the aircraft, causing the latter to heel and fall. There is an assumption that organized sabotage, including interfering with the aircraft, could be to blame for everything, but there are currently no details on the part of the Venezuelan Air Force command.

It is reported that on board the aircraft were four people - they all died on the spot from injuries and wounds, while, during the investigation, the experts intend to use the video to determine the possible circumstances of the tragedy.

It should be noted that over the past two weeks, a wave of sabotage has swept through Venezuela at key strategic facilities in the country (power plants, oil refineries, etc.).

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