Two NATO reconnaissance aircraft spotted for the first time on the Finnish-Russian border

Against the backdrop of Finland formally becoming a NATO member, reconnaissance aircraft were spotted for the first time near the borders of Russia.

Two military aircraft carried out reconnaissance along the entire border of Russia and Finland, as well as Russia and Estonia, probably in an attempt to detect the activity of the Russian military. So far, there are no official statements from the NATO command and the US Air Force on this matter, however, it is obvious that NATO is worried that Russia may take countermeasures.

At the moment, it is known that an American aircraft RC-135W with the callsign JAKE11 and a British reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W with the callsign RRR7223 flew only a few tens of kilometers from the border with Russia in the airspace of Finland and Estonia. If we are talking exclusively about conducting reconnaissance, then this does not pose serious problems. However, there are quite serious concerns that NATO is preparing to deploy an army of many thousands, air defense systems and missile weapons against the background of preparations for the fact that Finland will officially become a member of NATO and will be obliged to fulfill existing obligations.

It should be noted that never before has NATO aviation shown such high activity in the border area between Finland and Russia, which caused quite serious concern.

L'OTAN prepare la guerre, c'est evident.

Le déclenchement sera l'utilisation des armes à l'uranium appauvri à laquelle la Russie répliquera.

Les pays occidentaux sont des situations économiques intenables, ils n'ont plus que pour seule issue la guerre.
Mais ils ne veulent pas la declencher pour rester dans le rôle des gentils; ils provoquent donc la Russie au maximum pour la pousser à la "faute".

Now you can sympathize with Finnish citizens, they turned themselves into a third world country, from a neutral, prosperous, northern European country. That's it, the freebie at the expense of Russia and Russian citizens is over. Now the most interesting thing will be the observation, to the level of which country will the standard of living fall? Albania, Romania or Moldova?
And of course, Russia will be to blame for this.



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