Traffic on the Crimean bridge was temporarily suspended


Traffic on the Crimean bridge was temporarily suspended

The movement of vehicles on the Crimean Bridge was temporarily stopped on Monday morning, as reported by the operational Telegram channel of the information center about the situation on the road approaches to the bridge. The closure occurred at 8:10 Moscow time, but specific reasons for the closure were not indicated.

Road users on the bridge and in the inspection area are advised to remain calm and follow the instructions of transport security officers. According to available information, there was no threat of a missile attack at that moment, since the relevant specialized resources did not report any danger.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time recently that the Crimean Bridge has become the object of traffic restrictions. The day before, during the daytime, the bridge was also temporarily closed due to Ukrainian missile launches on the territory of Crimea. At that time, the cruise missile was successfully shot down, but debris fell and caused a fire.


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