Two soldiers were injured during a parachute jump


Two soldiers were injured during a parachute jump

18 January 2014. During the training jumps, which were being worked out near Pskov, two soldiers were injured. The landing was carried out in 14: 00 Moscow time on IL-76 planes.

After the jump from a plane at an altitude of 300 meters, military parachutes tangled with each other, and there was quenching domes. This has led to a significant increase in speed touchdown. After landing two soldiers were seriously wounded and injured.

The ambulance immediately arrived at the place of the fall and took two victims to the hospital. No information about their health is provided. The only thing that the doctors reported - the threat to life passed. Investigators and deputy Airborne Troops in the field of air training took up the investigation of the fall.

The poor guys. It’s a pity, he recovers, and thank you for the news!