Egypt buys more than twenty Su-35 fighters

Egypt buys dozens of Su-35 fighters.

According to the data presented by the Russian editionKommersant", Egypt has signed a contract with Russia for the purchase of several dozen Su-35 fighters, which "Together with the MiG-29М / М2 medium fighters delivered to Egypt, they should significantly increase the combat potential of the Egyptian air force fleet in the coming years".

It is known that the total amount of the contract concluded with Russia for the purchase of 4 ++ generation fighter jets Su-35 is about 2 billion dollars, and the deliveries are planned to begin already in the 2020 year.

The exact number of Su-35 fighters purchased from Russia remains unknown, however, as it is emphasized in Egypt itself, this “Over two dozen cars”.

It should be clarified that Egypt is actively using Russian weapons, believing that it is not only low cost (compared to Western weapons), but also has high reliability and efficiency, and, as analysts say, in the near future Egypt may well acquire large quantities. and other Russian aircraft, including the fourth generation fighter aircraft and attack helicopters.

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I would very much like to know how many of these 2 yards the Egyptians will pay in cash, and how many - many-many years of supply of agricultural products or under long Russian loans.

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