Egypt threatens Israel with retaliation if IDF troops enter Rafah

Egypt has issued a sharp warning to Israel, threatening to suspend the Camp David Accords if Israeli troops enter the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. The situation is heating up amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has left up to 1,4 million Palestinians concentrated in Rafah, many of whom have fled their destroyed homes. Syria also declared its readiness for military action and the liberation of its lands.

The Camp David Accords, brokered by the United States between Egypt and Israel in the late 1970s, ended military clashes between the countries and returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt. However, current events could threaten decades of peace.

Egyptian authorities have expressed concerns about a possible influx of Palestinians from Rafah if hostilities break out, as well as the closure of the main humanitarian aid route to Gaza. Cairo is taking steps to improve security along its border with Gaza, including building a concrete wall and destroying smuggling tunnels, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Egypt expressed its concern after Israel announced its desire to take control of the border corridor between Gaza and Egypt to demilitarize Palestinian territory. In January, Cairo carried out operations against drug smuggling in northeastern Sinai, demonstrating control over the area.


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