The crew of the British warship "HMS Ramsey" surrendered to the Iranian military and fled

Two British warships fled from the Iranian military.

Despite Britain’s harsh statements that the country's warships in the Persian Gulf would provide maximum protection to civilian ships, it became known that during the seizure of the Stena Impero British oil tanker by Iranian warships, the British warships abruptly turned , having received a warning that when entering the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic, they will be fired on without warning.

Despite the information that the British oil tanker was guarded by two warships of Great Britain at the moment, at the moment it was possible to confirm the information about only one of them. We are talking about the destroyer “HMS Ramsey”, which not only did not try to repel the tanker “Stena Imperio” from the Iranian military, but also turned in the opposite direction, which obviously indicates the real threats from Iran to attack any violators of its territorial waters.

It is noteworthy that the seizure of the British oil tanker followed after Iran officially accused the UK of piracy and promised to take symmetrical measures immediately.

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