The crew of the HMS Montrose almost provoked the Iranian military to drown an oil tanker. Video

Iran has published talks with the crew of the captured British tanker Stena Impero.

A few hours ago, Iranian media published talks between the Iranian military, the crew of the oil tanker Stena Impero and the crew of the British warship Montrose. Considering the published data, experts concluded that the UK was pushing Iran to destroy the ship.

As you can hear at the audio recording of the negotiations, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps orders the commander of the oil tanker Stena Impero to change course, but almost immediately the crew of the British warship Montrose bursts in on the air, which orders the civilian ship to continue to follow the previous course.

According to analysts, the team, given by the crew of a British warship, to continue following the same course, could provoke Iran to attack, including with the use of weapons, and therefore, it is possible that the incident itself is provocative, especially since under unknown circumstances, accompanying the tanker, the British warship was practically in an hour of turn.