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Ex-deputy of the Bundestag: Su-24 shot down on the orders of NATO

Former member of the Bundestag, told about who shot down a Russian Su-24.

As the ex-deputy of the German parliament notes, the Russian Su-24 bomber was destroyed directly by the Turkish fighter - there are no doubts about this, especially since the Turkish authorities themselves admitted this, however, in fact, the order to destroy the Russian military aircraft It was given to the command of NATO, in particular, its initiators were Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Willy Wimmer also said that the destruction of the Russian bomber had been carefully planned operation, which was attended by an American plane, a group of Turkish fighter jets and AWACS aircraft belonging to the Air Force of Saudi Arabia.

German politician said that the NATO action was meant to achieve similar removal of Russian troops from the territory of Syria.

and it seems to be true


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