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Expert: American destroyer in the Black Sea is a threat to the Crimea and Russia

The appearance of the American destroyer Carney in the Black Sea threatens Russia's national security.

A few days ago, an American military destroyer Carney entered the Black Sea. The exact purpose of the appearance of the American warship in the Black Sea remains unknown, but the Russian military expert suggested that his appearance poses a threat to Russia's national security.

"The arrival of an American ship in the Black Sea is always a threat to Russia's national security, because if we look at the US military doctrine, it says in black and white that the American army is frankly interventionist in nature. It was created not to defend our country, but to fight against other countries on other continents ", - said Alexander Zhilin in an interview with the television channel Zvezda.

It should be clarified that the American destroyer Carney is equipped with the Aegis missile defense system, but in reality, a warship is hardly a threat to the region and to Russia as a whole.

"To be afraid of one American destroyer is very stupid. Yes, a warship is a great power, but the probability that it will show any aggression towards Russia is completely absent. In the Crimea alone there are military aviation units of the Russian Air Force, capable of destroying half of Europe if an order is received, and the newest Russian fighters equipped with anti-ship missiles will even launch a destroyer to the bottom after the first salvo, "said Avia.pro analyst.

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