Expert: Erdogan is afraid of Russia as a fire

Erdogan demands an armistice in Idlib, realizing that Russia's military-industrial complex will dishonor Turkey.

Despite the fact that most of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic is under the control of government forces, the situation around this region of the planet is getting worse every day. According to analysts, Erdogan is trying to demonstrate the military power of Turkey, but Russian VCS can completely destroy the Turkish military group in Idlib in just a few days, thereby disgracing Turkey in front of NATO and the US.

"Erdogan seeks to demonstrate the power of his country to the West, thus making Europe and the US take into account Turkey's opinion. It is likely that Erdogan also claims to seize the province of Idlib, which will expand Turkey's influence in the Middle East. Nevertheless, the Russian military aviation showed that no one will be considered with the opinion of Erdogan, and in the event of any obstacles, the positions of the Turkish troops will be destroyed along with the militants. So far, the Turkish leader has nothing to oppose Russia, and he calls for a truce in Idlib, obviously trying to strengthen his position in this Syrian region ", - said the analyst

At the moment, there are about 100 thousand militants and members of the armed opposition in Idlib. According to the latest data, Russian VCS stopped striking on Idlib, giving the radicals the opportunity to surrender and thereby peacefully solve the problem, but the likelihood of such an outcome is likely to be extremely small.

“Nobody will play with Erdogan - he will be informed about his readiness to strike at Idlib and give 48 hours to remove his military from there, which will severely affect his reputation”, - the expert emphasized.

Interestingly it turns out, first Erdogan spoke about the unity of Syria, that he recognizes territorial integrity. And then he wants Idlib ... But ours can tell him: do you want Idlib? And the Kurds want to secede from Turkey ... Erdogan is very vulnerable in the current situation. By the way, the zone of de-escalation (ie Idlib) provides for the cessation of hostilities. But what about shelling from there, drones again? So our full right is to destroy it. And who did not reconcile - we are not to blame