Israeli Air Force


Expert: Israel could bomb Syria with impunity for six weeks

The Russian C-300 delivered to Syria have not yet been brought to combat readiness.

Against the background of statements made by the military-diplomatic source of the IA "TASS" on the rearmament of the Russian air defense systems C-300 "Favorite" in Syria, as well as bringing them to full combat readiness, experts have concluded that the Russian C-300, which are armed with the Arab Republic, still do not pose any threat to Israel.

The experts have caused a lot of questions the following quote from the TASS source:

"It remains to complete training on the technique of the Syrian military"

According to experts, for more than a month and a half, the Syrian C-300 “Favorite” complexes, and we are talking about the three three divisions of the air defense missile system that were transferred to the Arab Republic by the Russian military, have not yet been deployed.

«Pictures taken by Israeli military satelliteand a statement by a military diplomatic source indicate that the Syrian air defense systems C-300 have not yet been taken on combat duty. In fact, Israel could bomb the territory of Syria with impunity for a month and a half, - the expert emphasized.

It should be clarified that in the Israeli media really began to appear information that the Israeli Air Force launched air strikes on the territory of the Arab Republic after the Russian C-300 was supplied to the country’s armament, however, this information was not officially confirmed either by the IDF command or the Syrian military.