Expert: "Shell-1" was destroyed by a kamikaze drone

The military specialist ruled out the destruction of the "Pantsir-X1" complex with a missile.

Against the backdrop of how the West continues to ridicule the destruction of Israel by the Russian air defense missile and gun complex "Pantsir-X1", which was transferred to the arming of the Syrian government forces, military experts came to the conclusion that in fact, the air defense system was destroyed in a different way.

"Pay attention to the fact that the destroyed complex" Pantsir-X1 "was located in the south-west of Damascus, which is beyond the capabilities of the Israeli missile" Spike NLOS ". The missile could not exceed a distance of more than 40 kilometers with its maximum capabilities of 25 kilometers ", - analyst reports.

Moreover, there is considerable doubt that the "Pantsir-X1" complex was actually destroyed by a rocket, causing a picture of the destroyed ZRPK.

"As can be seen in the presented picture, the" Pantsir-1 "complex has not been completely destroyed, more precisely, its front part has been destroyed, while on the frames presented by Israel it is evident that the missile falls into a completely different part of the ZRPK. Moreover, imagine yourself to have left the anti-aircraft missile system an anti-tank missile with a direct hit? My personal opinion is based on the fact that in reality, the "Pantsir-1" complex was destroyed by an unmanned aerial vehicle, probably equipped with a combat charge ", - the expert concluded.

The military analyst also notes that the estimated flight speed of the Israeli missile was about 40-70 m / s, with the claimed speed of the Spike NLOS missile flying at 130-180 m / s, which also casts doubt on the arguments of the Israeli side.

This is not for lieutenant colonels and not for armor, but for our military engineers and for Israeli weapons.

What is the difference from what is destroyed by the Shell? If a slow drone, then even more shameful. Yes, even a fighting turtle!