C-400 rocket


The expert told why C-400 is popular all over the world.

Experts have named the main reason for the popularity of the Russian C-400 "Triumph".

The world is actively interested in buying the Triumph C-400 Russian anti-aircraft missile systems. If initially it was exclusively about the opponents of the United States, a typical example of which is China, then now the main US allies, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, also want to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.

According to experts, the main reason for the excitement around the Russian C-400 “Triumph” air defense missile systems is their ability to effectively replace American air defense and missile defense systems. With a relatively small difference in cost, the Russian complexes are much more reliable, not to mention their extremely large range. In addition, no less important feature of the Russian air defense system is the ability to track any air targets, including the so-called "stealth" aircraft.

“Until the United States thinks up how Russian air defense systems can be surpassed, this weapon will always be very popular in the world. China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have already proved that the US sanctions are not an obstacle to the opening opportunities to ensure their own security. ”, - the expert marks.