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Bombardment of Syria


Expert: Russia has enough airplanes and bombs to wipe out half of the planet

Experts told why Russia and Syria do not use prohibited weapons.

While the West continues to wage an information war against Russia and Syria, arguing that these countries are using prohibited ammunition and weapons in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, the expert decided to tell why this is not beneficial to either side.

According to the expert, using prohibited ammunition in the territory of Syria, it would certainly be possible to quickly win a war against terrorists and illegal gangs acting against the legitimate Syrian authorities. Nevertheless, if Russia and Syria really used cluster and gas bombs, then surely, it was not about units and dozens of casualties and deaths, but about hundreds if not thousands of victims, both among the militants and the population.

"The weapons of mass destruction, therefore, got its name, which should lead to massive loss of the enemy, but given the accusations of the West that Russia and Syria use ammunition of this type, and several people have suffered or died, they are simply nonsense. The use of such ammunition and weapons of mass destruction would certainly lead to hundreds and even thousands of dead, not to mention the countless number of victims ", - said the expert of the resource Avia .pro

Moreover, the expert stressed that Russia has enough airplanes and bombs to eradicate not only terrorists in Syria, but also to raze half the planet to the ground, and if it is necessary to achieve victory by any means, the city and settlement of Syria captured by terrorists, have long been able to turn into a desert.

"As we can see, Russian VCs deal massive but exceptionally accurate strikes on militant positions, and therefore, accusations against Russia and Syria can be considered empty chatter", - the expert concluded.

Дети чьи родители обокрали и обманули нас в России нахапали бабла и отправили своих мажориков в Лондон? Вы про этих детей?

Вообще-то, у нас с Сирией договор НЕ О "невмешательстве", А О "дружбе и взаимопомощи", где черным по белому написано, что стороны обязуются оказывать друг другу помощь в случае внешней агрессии. А то что наши деятели (российские) об этом стыдливо умалчивают, рассказывая, что де они в Сирии "только с терроризмом борются", то это на их совести.

6 summer child to give a charged pisolet your actions,

And what is the name of the "expert"? Forever experts are nameless, bezbrodnye, abstract)))) And, I understand, works on princepu: "we call the spirit of the expert" and he tells us) Are you serious?

Kazbek, this is politics. It's a delicate matter. Thinner than "East". We have a treaty with Syria about not intervening. Syria stated that it will defend itself. Our only teach. If things went in a very bad way, then they would interfere. But now our people will offer the same scheme to weak countries. We support you (complexes in debt and specialists), and you yourself. This is also a product of its kind.

London is not our children anymore! Our children are in Russia. But, if there is a choice between children in Russia and children there .... what do you choose?

I think it's impossible not to get excited in a war, in a quiet environment you can analyze "image" and "combat" losses, and then reinforce with more modern weapons .. And they, too, must "think" ...

who such allies as Russia need one chatter soon CSTO will scatter if they attack Tajikistan Tajikistan will fight if they attack Russia no one will rise

Not patsan any markets. It is necessary to appoint a missile arrow and who will survive is on top. From verbal diarrhea is already sicker than from vomit ...

I think after the Iraqi Libya Russia on these provocations with the chemicals had to make it clear that the answer would be tough and if it was necessary it was necessary to respond stiffly and what happened the last days in Syria is a shame and betrayal. This is my opinion when on those whom you zashisheesh inflict blows we say we have not touched them, we also do it, that there is no chemical attack, and if there is something, it's their business, every race trusts us and we betray them. Next in the plans may already be russia. although initially, Russia was simply depriving us of allies and trust to us so that in the end We bend .ochchen just figure it out.

if Syria is our ally then? we see how an ally is being struck? We always have one chatter in the upper echelons, we are kicked on all fronts, and we only send complaints and notes to different people, they are not capable of any more. To whom such allies are needed, so it went like Yugoslavia prosrali

After the US strikes Syria. I can say anything in my defense. But! And it will always be.

Russia would not have had airplanes and bombs, Russia would have been there. This is not enough, it is necessary to build a decent life for citizens, education and employment

There are no Russian children in London!

Their children are in Russia. Abroad are not our children

The children of our servicemen are in Russia, thank you for your concern.

Their parents, here are strangers!

Why only half the planet? We can turn the whole planet into dust!

Yes, the stump is clear, that chemicals do not make any sense at all. As soon as Russia begins to achieve something in some direction, "gas attacks" and other provocations immediately arise.

Rockets for their children in London- Are you serious?