VCS of Russia and the USAF


Expert: the military clash of the US and Russia in Syria is inevitable

Experts believe that the issue of the collision of military interests of Russia and the United States in Syria has not yet been resolved.

Despite the fact that the United States refused to help militants trying to keep the southwestern regions of Syria under their control, a military expert from the PRC believes that a military clash between Russia and the United States in this country is inevitable.

As the newspaper "East Day" notes, even if we admit the fact that the Syrian government troops, with the direct support of the Russian Military Space Agency, will take control of the territory in the border areas with Jordan and Israel, in the future, another offensive operation will begin to destroy the terrorists of the Islamic group state "(a terrorist group whose activities are officially banned in the territory of the Russian Federation - ed.). Given the fact that most areas controlled by terrorists are located near the territory controlled by the military from the United States, clashes between Russian and American military will simply not be avoided.

"Putin is well aware that the withdrawal of the VCS from Syria will demonstrate Russia's weak position, which, however, is completely analogous to Trump. The two superpowers will remain in Syria until the last, as this affects the national interests of each side. The only option would be to sign an agreement on full demilitarization in Syria, but so far, such prospects are not being discussed ", - said the expert to the publication "East Day".

It should be clarified that at the moment the Syrian government forces, supported by Russian military hardware, are engaged in an offensive operation in southwestern Syria, and if the situation does not worsen, then take control of the province of Daria and Suweida will be possible within the next 2-3 months .

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