The investigation of the crash MH17


The experts prepare a report on the crash of Boeing 777 in the Donbas

Specialists are preparing to announce the results of the investigation of the plane crash in the Donbass.

Presumably at the beginning of the next week, specialists investigating a plane crash involving a Malaysian Boeing 777 aircraft en route to Kuala Lumpur will be able to announce the first results of the examinations. Experts believe that any high-profile statements on this subject should not be expected, however, given the fact that investigators have repeatedly stated the emergence of new circumstances, it is likely that we can even name the cause that killed several hundred people in this terrible tragedy.

It should be clarified that at present, European experts have expressed doubt about the fact that Boeing 777 could be hit by a missile of class "surface-to-air", in any case, no direct or indirect evidence that there is.

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