NATO Air Force


Experts: NATO Air Force defeated without a single shot

Military experts and analysts made unexpected conclusions.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump kept his promise and made massive rocket and air strikes on Syria, military experts and analysts believe that the operation in NATO of the Syrian Arab Republic has become a complete failure for NATO.

Military experts explain their opinion primarily by the fact that Russia warned NATO of its serious intentions to arrange a full-scale military conflict, in the event of any aggression or threats against itself. This had a rather powerful influence, despite the fact that earlier the NATO leadership had declared “... a clear superiority of the North Atlantic alliance over Russia.”

By no means less surprised the military analysts and Syria, which was able to with maximum efficiency to reflect the rocket fire of its territory by air defense systems more than half a century ago, and completely closed its airspace from American, British and French military aircraft that did not dare to violate the border of the Arab Republic, and carried out bombardment of Syria from the territory of neighboring countries.

"Do you realize what the current victory means for Syria? This is like the victory of a combat biplane of the First World War over a supersonic fighter from the era of the 70-s, the sinking of a destroyer by a sailing ship of the 19-century epoch ... It's grandiose! ", - comments an independent analyst from China.

"Russia restrained the attack on Syria with its political and military pressure, Syria only knocked down missiles launched from NATO ships - and this is a victory, a victory without a single shot!", - the expert of edition "East Day" informs.

Probably you were straining almost everything around you blinded and you in the welding mask do not see anything, condolences

Loving the motherland, then people living. You would have less anger and more philanthropy.

I love my Motherland and I hate this COUNTRY - especially her Tsar-Father with the near circle. Vasya Kuralesov from the city of Dululikov - I'm not hiding - and I'm not going to run after the hill. People who love their country are blinded by the radiance of the Tsar-Father. There will come a time when you SHAKALOV HIM have to cut. I am a handy MUZHIK - I can make a piece of iron from a tank to a dirty bomb. And you die - as not viable. HA-HA.

The prophecy of the elder Tikhon, who lived in the Troitsky monastery more than half a century ago, across Ukraine and Russia, was voiced. Even then, the seer foresaw a civil confrontation in the east of Ukraine. The prophecy said: "The brother will go with the sword to his brother." The Starets argued that the guilt of the conflict in the Donbass would be "political fornication", which would come from "force from across the ocean." At the same time, he noted that those who started this, will be in the loser - they are expected to "a terrible blow." Specifically, about the outcome of the war in the Donbass, the elder said: "Hag will be the one who will go to Russia holy, the authorities will want, but they will die out as they appeared." According to the elder, after the bloodshed in Ukraine is over and the disaster recedes, Russia will be updated. The seer claimed that the Russian "coin" would be the most respected in the world and many people would speak in Russian. 2: 14 The morde (the grin of the beast) of no human society on earth was always always, but in recent times this terrible aggression has been heavily fueled by the State Department in anticipation explosion of the volcano - to die all and at once - the logic of the Shahid monsters.

it is impossible to oppose different armies.stead and shame. unfortunately Russian media, going on about the immature part of society in the chaos are engaged in this, who is addressed to the Russian military, who and the enemy. With the latter everything is clear, we need Father, , tea is not Bandera

I support the opinion of Kurolesov completely. But these slugs themselves will not disappear. There is a leader who will cease to support at the expense of the taxpayer the media such as Echoes, rain, etc. And the main thing is to constitutionally ban double citizenship and criminally denigrate Russia.

There will come a time when, with many betrayals around Russia, the country will close, people who love their country will unite in one whole, as it was not once already, and every 50 years and bring to account all the liberal larva that writes now in the comments. And rejoice the sons of Russia that these slugs now smear their snot in social networks, so they will be much easier to find and lead to an answer and rejoice that now they have the opportunity to "dump" the cardboard, let there bark, and there will be less of their blood on our native land.

WELL DONE!!! I fully support

Yes, it would have to be a couple of aglitskie Tornado to blame, then they would temper their ardor

Live in the "Western virtual world" live on, do not disgrace yourself in the real information space. You have nothing to show by fact on the events described. And the Americans themselves confirmed the military and technological superiority of the Russian Federation. The US has lagged behind and they themselves admit it. may not be so loud, but you do not have to search the Internet for a long time in the open spaces, only you should return from the virtual world.

It's not even funny. So, if you really have to lie, then tell the truth, or something like it. The Chinese called us Soviet, paper tigers. I would call this boasting, paper winners.

What does it mean "... a victory without a single shot!", The expert of the newspaper "East Day" reports?
When the impact was repelled, 112 antiaircraft guided missiles were exhausted, the remnants of that air defense system (which the USSR built in Syria) that remained after the civil war. Seven attacking missiles were missed by anti-aircraft missiles (four in Mezzet and three in Homs), and 25 flew in places where anti-aircraft missiles no longer exist.
But, anyway, it is a victory, and, combat.

The President of the United States gave the order solely, what offended the congress, but it did not bother the president at all - he had this Congress in view of.
Liberal-amateurish talk about the mandatory short-term presidential power in a huge country comes from people who do not have the experience of leading large organizations and enterprises. Sometimes it takes more than one year, until you figure out all the small details - it's not a platoon to convey. "I'm especially gifted" to young and stupid liberals (like Ksyusha): to change the Russian president is very simple (even after the first term) - you just have to vote for another at the elections if you can convince most citizens. If you do not know how to show that you are worth something, then do not whine and complain about uncertain circumstances.
And what, are there idiots who deny the viability of Pindostan? In the US there were no wars that would destroy the country once in 50 years before the foundation. Moreover, they earn on every war. Their economy (with a huge debt), like a two-wheeled bike: stopped - fell. Only wars support it in a stable state and therefore the US will always fight.
The fact that the liberal government of Gaidar and his thieving followers send accumulation to the states is just a betrayal, but, for some reason, Putin does not manage to cope with them. I hope, it is not possible yet.

He does not need to dump Russia, he is already from the great ukraine)

Vladimir, what's strange? After all, you compare green to square. Yes, militants have staffs stuck. Why not? Considering the intersection in the bandit formations. When ours shoot, they attack not a sovereign country like your pindos, but terrorists and bandit formations who do not have full-fledged air defense weapons.

and it does not seem to you that not all departures end in bombing, there is reconnaissance escort, etc., and all this is considered combat sorties

Yeah, the ears are rolled to the people, all the savvy experts were undermined))
Debris on anyone should be! They fly over the ground, not anywhere, high. Oo .. and OVER ground. Rockets och. large and parts of Tipo engines, not paper, there is a special metal. So if there was something to show, do not hesitate, would show. And so another propaganda.

It's time for you to get out of Russia - you are so suffering for the "star-striped" half-wits and you hate Russia.

Russia was given two missiles that did not explode at all, flew like empty blanks and fell in the desert ... and from the rockets that exploded there is not much left ... even the children know ... so do not pretend to be a complete idiot, although you really are FULL KRETHIN when you write any rubbish ...

Alexander why are you playing for other countries? are you asked about this or who authorizes? Personally you do not like it in the filthy morality of the Pindos, probably the president may have only two terms without any reservations or the fact that he does not make his decision alone, but there is still a congress that can block any of his decisions. there is even a court of any state that can pass a law that nullifies the president's decision. according to your peace and prosperity in the world, then there will be when there is an indestructible tsar and his team and any decision will be perceived as a great blessing for the world. the very existence of pindostan proves their model is viable and the negatives of this model have one hope for the Yellowstone volcano. remember how many prophecies there were, that the green here is going to crash that it's an empty paper. the result we all can observe with you. in the winnings those who did not believe these economists and preferred accumulation in green. and the superpower itself regularly sends its money to Pindostan for storage.

America has some arrogant ponte. Let them take off their mattresses with asterisks, hung around the world, cleaned to their own on the mainland, and do not climb anymore with their filthy morals to other countries. Then, I am sure, there will be prosperity and peace in the world.

agrees, the failure of "clever and beautiful" Trump missiles. They tested their new weapons in Syria, and the impression is created that they dropped "junk", judging by the result

success as you determine, probably, what they said on TV. as you for example evaluate the effectiveness of departures. made 1000 sorties destroyed 2000 fighters. it's not I who invented everything on the 1 channel voiced, without taking into account starts from the caspia. it does not seem strange to you that when our guns shoot each missile at the headquarters of the militants. such an impression that the staffs are stuck like mushrooms after the rain. as the Pindos fire all by or knocked down

Sirega if you're ready to die then do not delay do it quickly and cheaply out the window with a cry for Syria. I certainly do not want to die for either you or the Syria, and even more so for the sun-dancers with their comrades who have fallen under sanctions.

Or maybe just warn our "partners" that we will perceive any sanctions as "ANNOUNCEMENT OF WAR"?
And let them think, are they ready for such an interpretation of their actions? The sanctioning war is also a war

Read carefully the information, piece # $ # $ #! Russia did not hand over the wreckage. Russia was given "on unconfirmed information" - 2 missiles, fallen and undamaged.

oh palesatics - go on the edge of the blade))) do you think that the good-looking bear will not bite you?)))) all your power is ponty))) there are no winners in the 3 world !!! - All the corpses! and the dead earth !!! all hope to scare and get bonuses? get !!!! but only this way - or all to hell !!! or everything on their "stove")))) you live in lies and fear - but God does not see fraer everything! and the payment ahead! and Russia its whole thousand-year history in the war !! we do not need to frighten - we are ready! but YOU are ready to die! ?????

They handed over not fragments, two whole rockets.

read carefully - two not exploded picked up and sent to the study, and what those pro from the wreckage would be

70 missiles were shot down, but Russia was given fragments only _Two rockets. Where are the others?
And how many far-reaching conclusions have been made by different experts on the basis of this lie.

the wreckage is all at sea, it is unlikely that there will be someone there to look for.

The missiles were so smart that they decided to shoot down the Syrian missiles themselves

I read that French missiles are better than American ones.

In my opinion this is the arrogance of the United States. Place military airfields on the territory of a foreign state and also inflict missile strikes on the same state. I regret very much that there are no such electronic systems for the Syrians, which would allow them to change the course of tomahawks on the reverse to return to their launch site. That would be a truly complete victory without a single shot! And it's a pity that our people are bending under the USA. For the destruction of evil and die in battle, do not mind!

BonMudak, go yourself and look for their wreckage in the mountains!

Gennady, they are sharers, only sharers and nothing more. But skilful - it turned out that the USSR "won" a carrot in our brains. They trained their entire history, but nothing else, like poker. This is also a dangerous game, if you are a master. So playing with a cracker in his games - is fraught, we need other games.

Trump's smart missiles were smarter! The majority of votes decided to self-liquidate and only the sick naked all the same flew but with a drunk did not go there

Smart missiles were aimed at intercepting Syrian anti-missiles. You do not understand anything.

Cool! Urged! I copied an anecdote to my friends.

An anecdote about similar clever people is, like a drunken peasant drowned before the train driver, so that he drove, gave a bribe, being sure that the refusal argument-the train goes in the other direction-is easily solved by the SIZE of a bribe ...

Kakly decided to send a missile to Moscow. They took a pine tree, hollowed out, filled it with gunpowder, set it, set it on fire and ..... did not have time to get out ....... In the clearing - AD, the feet were scratched at the ukraves, the arms ... everywhere were blood ... And at the last gasp one says to another:
- Can you imagine what's happening in Moscow now ?? !!!!!

Of course, we believe Trump. 76 missiles for one purpose in two barns - this is true. It so happened when 105 was divided into missiles on targets that were hit. And they did not want to surprise the uninfluenced targets ...)

Rather, it would be to say from 103 one shot down, and this video scored all the Internet.

I agree with you, everyone can catch and not one White Sea Canal can be built

Such clever ..., we were looking straight for where to fall ... and not criping anyone.
The truth at the same time demonstrated simply a phenomenal missile.
Well, and Trump is deeply sowing how many Arabs there will be under fire, he has other tasks.

Yes, yes, I agree with you how many traitors we have to send them abroad, or else in difficult times for RUSSIA will harm us !!!!

Well, who is the aggressor after all? I think that the one who bombs under a far-fetched pretext. All these guys are card cheaters and if they do not have an ace they'll be willing to shuffle. And another language turns to talk about corruption in other countries.

Gentlemen commentators, do not argue, you are all right .. The note is buzovaya, stupid and primitive .. Enemies have long been trying to drag us into a big war .. And here, too, everything is simple and understandable .. Today, the war is tens of millions of talers a day. It is clear that it is simply inconceivable to get involved in the war with our economy and our local bourgeois. That's all the reasons and consequences for you .. Probably you could understand for a long time that it will not be easy to get out of Syria .. God forbid that this red clown with his monsters did not go too far and did not continue the attack .. And then the war will immediately come to us, and to Europe, and to the US .. And although we do not like our enemies, but we are not yet ready to fight
I would like to turn to Mr. Che's commentator.
You are in vain afraid to be in the trench. If the enemies come to us - to sit out in the network you will not succeed .. Or do you and for this case have a choice?

Just rockets are very clever - released 103 rockets and not one (!) Killed. If you throw 103 missiles absolutely unprincipled, for sure at least a couple of corpses will be. But Trump does not need corpses; he needed to fulfill his promise formally.

It remains only to rejoice in the restraint of the high ranks of Russia, which prudently did not respond to the blow, which seemed to be largely formal - for that. that Trump showed himself cool and kept his promises. We need only hope for a softening of the conflict.
Surprisingly, Asad's behavior: firstly, he did not make an energetic refutation of the accusation of using chemical weapons (at least not widely discussed), and secondly, he had the audacity to talk about it. that Russia should - apparently, as always free of charge - to liquidate the losses and destruction in Syria for an unbearable sum.

I read the comments here and was amazed at how many ready-made traitors of Russia were lit up. And how many of those that are hidden, just darkness. I think that in 1941 years they were much less.

You are bad guys. After all, it's the neighbors who launch these rodents and cockroaches. Go this way and you will come, time after time?

Victor, there's no one to smoke. "White" helmets regularly try or arrange similar provocations with the same participants. They take the women and children to the area of ​​the production shooting, pay them money and arrange illiterate shows.
Only a complete idiot will use OB in a completely liberated area. And in Gut they found workshops for equipping shells and mortar rounds of explosives, and not only there.
Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

Do not be confused with the trench. You should have been at the Canadian border of Judah

We did not visit anybody. We were asked by specialists to infest rodents and cockroaches, and neighbors debated us. But it did not concern us. If it touched, then the neighbors would be raked to the full!

Perhaps the Anglo-Saxons will not draw a war with Russia - they will be destroyed. Therefore, they will act surreptitiously in Syria with the help of terrorists and in Eastern Ukraine with the help of ukrains.

the tramp was considering the option of hitting Tartous and Hmemi, as a result, there was no blow, in the Mediterranean Sea, the esmini with axes were not involved, but the devils were struck from. From the red sea and Aet-Tanuf, zassali, the facts speak for themselves !!

Why 500 - 100000 thousand million to the sky. Do you even know how many ships were at the time of the strike and how many missiles are on them?

Show these "experts". Judging by the Russian resolution, whose text is not disclosed by our media, Russian politicians seem to be harnessed for Assad, whose army actually used chlorine to smoke opposition members, and at the same time, their families, from the underground "holes" of the Duma. Chlorine, of course, does not apply to WMD, but those who use it in this capacity deserve serious whipping. If this is true, Trump very carefully spanked, and talk of victory over the Air Force of NATO - for domestic rather stupid consumers.

I respect a man ... 94-95 Bamut, Samashki, Grozny ... The best bad world ...

You can not be patient. You have to be responsible for words. Impunity amazes lawlessness and permissiveness.

Why do you feel ashamed of the country? From our words, we did not refuse. Read carefully the statement of the General Staff of Russia.

Clever, ossivlyayusche here comments, say thanks to GDP that after this attack we were not raked into the trenches, where we would leave our comments in triangular envelopes!

they acted very sensibly, they did not get involved in an open confrontation, but for someone who does not know what a war is, a Kalash in the hands and on the Donbas, or from Wagner to Syria, a month later God will pray, only there was no war, watch the words, the savvy experts b ... t

What a visit? Here the situation is this: you were asked to help with rodents, and the owners of the problem with neighbors, the reason for you to intervene?

First of all, it is necessary to remove the fifth column from Russia in control, but Medvedev leaves

There he stated that he would use smart missiles in Syria. It turned out that they were as "smart" as Trump himself. And, the puppet leaders of France and England from the tramp tail, in all the content that they get, resemble the jackal of Tabaka from Mowgli

On Russia, no one attacked and on objects located in Syria did not launch missiles so that Russia did not violate its word, and moreover the Anks themselves described themselves as shooting on our objects.

You came to visit, and some people break into the house and start to destroy everything with the words: "You spoiled the air, And you:" just do not touch me, "
This does not remind you of anything !?

Just this whole American "coalition" was caught red-handed. Was there a blow? Was. The result is zero (the buildings that were already being demolished were destroyed). But the "bomb" began in the parliaments of America, England and France. And what will end this story, for these three adventurers is not yet known. Clutch in the fall believe. Anyone can swing a club, but to make the opponent himself receive from his club a head and strategy is needed for this.

Indeed, if one judges how all these things are going on, it turns out that they have agreed on everything, they just stop them from starting everything in full force. One shoots past the target, the other waits, and the media about the cunning plans of amazing perspicacity

I do not understand who and with what took, while others took to faith about the downed NATO missiles? So far, only this rumor from the category of OBS. I saw, taken by the inhabitants of Damascus does not confirm anything - the anti-aircraft missiles on them self-destruct according to the built-in algorithm. Informwo and no facts.

Be careful in the comments!
NATO must be stopped, not podzadorivat!
Glory to Gd that they did not collide in a mutually destructive conflict "to the last"!

Well, then we would have to beat the platforms

This farce provided the actions of Russia at all levels! And about 500 missiles - in order to ensure their launch it would be necessary to pull up and expand the grouping! But ours are not done with a finger either! We learned to shoot both from the Caspian and the Black Sea and from the air and from under the water! And I must say, with excellent success! So, whoever stuck to someone is a big question.

how many have scraped, so much and have pulled, the rest has rusted!

And not in 500 missiles, but in the strength of the nerves on the seat.

The border of responsibility is Russian, in Syria. this is where our bases were located, etc. In general, out of the attack came pshik. The Syrians, whom we warned, because they indicated goals, withdrew everything from there! From that, there are no victims and there is destruction, although they are not what they could be.

Russia is a proper name, not a common noun!

Once again, Russia disgraced itself. Words did not hold back. With Russia you can do anything, swallow everything. Oh, I'm ashamed of the country.

if necessary, and it understands this, and Russia can stick on the most I do not want (((only than it's all over and who needs it ???

Call in the white house USA. Hello Donald! Hello, Vadimir Vadimirovich! Listen to Donald, I'm starting to deal with the oligarchs, I told them to return money to Russia, because they did not believe me, so you come up with something ... And what can I do, money for official bills them, Vladimir Vladimirovich ... And you call Meyushka, they do not have brits to do anything first, they poison everything, but poison us and they dump us, Call us, call me for nothing if I'm with you with that election ... So again, sanctions will have to be introduced, your ruble will fall. .. Well, do not worry, Donald, you rockets rustled in Syria, I'm in my own Before gauges shake, against this background, oil and jump and jump well, and this will compensate the ruble, and the oligarchs should be punished or even completely lost sense of smell who's hozyain.Ladno Donald yet waiting ...

In the sense, "you did not dare violate the border?". And what about General Rudsky's words that "B-1B bombers crossed the border of the Syrian Arab Republic in the area of ​​Tanfah?"

Thank you to our specialists, who are training the Syrian police. Normally worked.

Grandfather, and what problems. Did they quote you the quotation? Maybe you're in the ground on the whales and the turtle believe?
Syria was well aware that any aggression would give rise to even more evil, and therefore had to endure this attack

In fact, all this was a farce - if necessary, and Russia understands this, the Americans would have stuck in the most nehochu, and would not have released 100, and 500 missiles

"experts!" .. this is the type of English scientists? surname of experts and party affiliation ... IN STUDIO! that in the autumn to include the scoreboard when voting in the State Duma ...