Erdogan: we will close the passage through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea whenever we want

The Turkish president said that Ankara is ready to close the passage through the Bosphorus.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara is ready to act very decisively and, if necessary, will block the passage through the Bosphorus to ships and submarines of all countries that it sees fit. According to the Turkish leader, the Montreux Convention is not binding, especially if Turkey starts a war in Syria.

“The key provisions of the Montreux Convention, which defines the rules for the use of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, are Turkey’s right to close the straits. If it is a war in which Turkey does not participate, Turkey has the right to close the straits for the passage of military vessels of any belligerent power. If Turkey participates in the war, or if Ankara considers itself "at risk of imminent military danger," the country may, at its discretion, allow or prohibit passage through the straits of any military vessels ”- приводит information publication "9tv.co.il".

It is noteworthy that a few days ago the Turkish leader announced his readiness to act very decisively, which, obviously, implies the closure of the passage through the Bosphorus to Russian warships, as well as the closure of airspace for Russian airborne forces flying to Syria.

But is Erdogan afraid that his tomatoes will immediately suffer from this?

Maybe you should not intervene when changing the leader in Turkey? And stop selling right and left Russian air defense systems.

РќСѓ, РґР °!

Why 800 euros, not 1000?

They made fun of retirement money.
If they surrender to Syria, then there will be no pensions (not immediately, but in essence it is tantamount to surrender, and what happens with the losers - you will guess for yourself, although there are really few chances to win, maybe there is some sense to merge earlier with less losses, only they will come to finish, do not go to a fortuneteller).
The question is, what the hell is Turkey doing in Syria? Nobody touches the buffer zone from the Kurds, why the hell is this Idlib?

Russia in the 90s passed this crap, when Borya Alkash shouted, God bless America. If Russia gets out of Syria, then the Russians will put their teeth on the shelf. The Qatar-Europe gas pipeline will be quickly extended, and then Russia will have to fight with Europe. Do we need this?

There are Baltic, Northern Fleet and the Strait of Gibraltar ....

Do Russians think that Turkey gave us money and apologized for the downed SU? I think this is a fake of the Machine-gunner. Without the Bosphorus, our adventure in Syria is quickly covered with a copper basin. Therefore, Masha spread this fake. The sooner we get out of a foreign country, the better it will be for Russians: wives will not lose husbands, there will be money in the budget for European pensions of 800 euros.

The Russian Navy can also close the exit from the Bosphorus to all ships either in connection with the ongoing permanent exercises with live firing in the water area directly adjacent to the territorial waters of Turkey, or, in general, by right of a strong one. Let's see how it will be.

With its chaotic provocative actions, Turkey may lose the ability to regulate the passage of ships in the strait and this function will be transferred to Russia. At the request of Russia, the Turks may only have a bridge over the strait if they behave well.


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