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Erdogan launched an attack on Russia: Turkey closed its airspace to Russian military aircraft

Turkey has banned Russian aircraft from using its airspace.

Several hours ago, unconfirmed reports appeared that official Ankara had prohibited Russian military aircraft from entering Turkish airspace. There are no comments on this subject, however, experts believe that the Turkish president decided to act harshly in order to stop any attempts by the Russian military to assist the Syrian army in the liberation of Idlib and Aleppo.

Such information appeared against the background of how one of the flights was unable to enter the airspace of Turkey, and was forced to lie on the opposite course. There are no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this subject, however, obviously, this fact can seriously undermine the military relations between Moscow and Ankara.

“As soon as Ankara realized that it could not agree with Moscow regarding Syria, the Turkish-Russian friendship was obviously stopped. It’s very difficult to judge how much this will affect the Russian military operation on the territory of Syria, however, the Russian military transport aircraft actively transported equipment, weapons and ammunition to the SAR, which may affect, inter alia, the offensive operation of the Syrian forces ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that today the Russian military can take advantage of the airspace of Iran and Iraq, however, given the powerful US pressure on Baghdad, this route is also under great question.

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