Complex C-500


Erdogan pozaris on the Russian C-500

The President of Turkey wanted to produce the S-500 complexes.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told that he offered Vladimir Putin help of his country in the production of S-500 "Prometey" anti-aircraft missile systems, which are even according to Western experts, one of the most advanced air defense systems.

"Russia has allocated us a loan for C-400 on very acceptable terms. In the second and third stages we plan to start collective production. It is also possible joint production of C-500 », - follows from Erdogan's statement.

The huge interest of the Turkish president towards the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems C-500 "Prometey" is due primarily to the high efficiency of these air defense systems, in particular, the missiles can destroy air targets at distances up to 600 kilometers, the complex is able to detect aircraft developed with the use of "stealth" technology, but most importantly, the Russian "Prometheus" is able to deal with ballistic missiles of medium range.

As the proposal of the Turkish president was reacted by Vladimir Putin, so far it remains unknown, but experts believe that if Russia really wants to produce the C-500 "Prometheus" complexes with Turkey, this can be a serious mistake, although it will bring some profit.

“Turkey constantly demonstrates itself as an unreliable partner, both for Russia and for the USA. How can it be argued that the most long-range air defense systems will not be transferred to the United States of America? Where is the confidence that a country seeking to annoy everyone will not subsequently use complexes against Russia? Russia has much more reliable partners in such matters. ”, - said a specialist

Previously, Western sources reported that during the tests, the Russian complex C-500 "Prometheus" struck the target at a distance of 481 kilometer, which makes this system the most long-range in the world.

By 2020, the S-500 SAM system "Prometheus" is planned to be adopted by the Russian army.

So far, only in words these complexes are good, you look, it will be like with a shell, as well as with C-400, which supposedly was also super

And Erdogan's ... his face will not rupture ???

Is Turkey not a member of NATO?


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