Erdogan called on the military to destroy the S-300 in Syria. Video

The Turkish President openly announced the destruction of the Syrian S-300.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that in the near future the Turkish Air Force intends to solve the problem of the impossibility of using Syrian airspace because of the S-300 air defense systems located here. Experts believe that Turkey intends to strike at the area where the Syrian S-300 systems are located, and it is most likely intended to use tactical weapons for this, since earlier official Damascus announced its intention to destroy any Turkish aircraft, helicopters and drones that violate the country's airspace.

“At the moment, the biggest problem for the actions of the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria is the inability to use airspace. We hope that in the near future we will solve this issue as well ”- said the President of Turkey, implying, obviously, the Russian S-300, which are in service with the Syrian army.

To date, the Turkish Air Force has no long-range missiles that can safely strike at the location of the Syrian air defense systems S-300, and therefore it has been suggested that the attack is planned to be carried out with tactical missile weapons.

Nevertheless, experts note that in reality, Ankara is unlikely to take such a step, since Damascus can inflict a corresponding blow on the territory of Turkey.

Semi-nuclear shock in a semi-TNT semi-equivalent.

Turks are our friends

You already forgot that before Syria and Turkey, they got each other even from an ordinary howitzer. There are good high mountains, with the possibility of entering the tops of these mountains with special vehicles under the cover of a dense forest. The Syrians have already used this tactic, though not there, practice has shown the range of certain types of missiles when launched from the mountains increases by 1,5-2 times, this is enough to cover the main military bases of the Turks. The shockwave from the explosion of such a missile strikes manpower, unarmored vehicles, aircraft in the parking lot, etc.
On an area of ​​40 hectares - 2 9M79K, or 4 9M79F
On an area of ​​60 hectares - 3 9M79K, or 6 9M79F
On an area of ​​100 hectares - 4 9M79K, or 8 9M79F
Even the undermining of one such rocket is the power of powerful earthquake at the epicenter of the explosion, people in the district cannot stand on their feet, and from fearful experiences they can really put them on pants, it can even frighten you to death. I do not exclude that even the undermining of the u-point in Turkey can provoke a real earthquake in Turkey, and this is already a panic of the population.

The range of Points-U is 70-120 km. Not much "deep" will work.

The Syrian army has point-U tactical missile systems that can strike deep into the territory of Turkey itself. Syria has enough of these missiles to attack ALL military facilities of Turkey in the entire east of Turkey itself, not to mention the fact that Syria can inflict almost a semi-nuclear strike on all clusters of Turks throughout the border territory with Syria. By the way, Europe could then come forward against Turkey itself and impose economic sanctions against Turkey for such HELPFULNESS OF ERDOGAN. The Turkish lira is falling and falling, and maybe even DESTROYED, it feels like Erdogan does not understand what he is doing - it is interesting that he is crazy, what is it? times does not distinguish REALITIES.


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