Recep Erdoğan


Erdogan urged to oppose the Russian military

Turkish President demanded to condemn Russia and introduce measures against the military.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement in which he demanded to recognize the illegal invasion of the Russian military in Libya, to condemn such actions, to take appropriate measures against Moscow.

“We are being asked in Berlin if we will continue to send troops to Libya? And we answer them: we did not send troops, we sent only military instructors. They are engaged in training. And it's all. We ask a question: on the other side are about 2,5 thousand people from PMC "Wagner". Why don't you blame it? In response, they are only silent. And they can’t answer anything ”- said the Turkish leader.

The words of the Turkish president raised many questions, since it was the Turkish side that initiated the issue of normalizing the situation in Libya with direct cooperation with Russia, and now Ankara officially accuses Russia of inaction.

“It’s rather unpleasant to hear such words from the lips of the Turkish leader, who announced his allied relations with Russia. Should one expect something like this in Syria? Of course ", - said the analyst.

It should be clarified that earlier the commander of the Libyan National Army rejected any proposals for surrender.

Well, yes, it's time to beat the Russians, stop stroking the head. They launched a pipe and a mustache.

Russia has so many opportunities, so many resources, so many ways to organize rapid economic growth (for example, the one that was in Russia under Sergei Yulievich Witt) that there is no need to fight in Libya and generally anywhere. Russia needs to accelerate development, democratize, make friends with strong progressive countries, especially since we are sealed with blood and the whole history, go out into space, develop science, enrich the population - anything, but not to fight!

Uh, Recep-aka, you say-say, don’t talk.
Otherwise, Yaman will be your head.


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