Downed Su-24


Erdogan: Russian Su-24 was shot down due to "pilot error"

Erdogan called the reason for which was shot down by a Russian Su-24, but refused to apologize.

On the eve of the day in the editorial information and news agency received information that the Turkish president said that Russian military aircraft Su-24 was shot down due to "pilot error", while, Erdogan refused to bring any apology, because they do not see a reason for this, but stressed that he was speaking only for the resumption of normal relations with Russia.

It should be clarified that in November 24 2015 years, on the Syrian-Turkish border was shot down a Russian Su-24, with the result that relations between Turkey and Russia largely cooled. Attempts to find out whether the destruction of the Turkish military aircraft targeted or Russian pilot ignored the message of the need to return to the Syrian airspace and failed.