Erdogan is going to blackmail Russia with delivered S-400

In an attempt to occupy Syria, Erdogan is ready to blackmail S-400 Russia.

The Russian S-400 systems put on credit to Turkey became a reason for blackmail by Erdogan. Given the fact that the Russian side is firmly committed to freeing Syrian Idlib from terrorists, Ankara can go to blackmail Russia with S-400 systems, for example, refusing to pay them.

This is the opinion of analysts after calls appeared on the Web to “deceive the Russians” with payment for S-400 if they refused to comply with Erdogan’s requirements and did not immediately transfer control over the designated territory in Idlib.

“It can be assumed that Erdogan is really considering such a scenario, however, Turkey is well aware that by deceiving Russia, they can lose billions of dollars in just a year, since such actions of Ankara will certainly not remain unanswered”, - the expert marks.

On the other hand, it is very important for Turkey to ensure the protection of terrorists in Idlib, because otherwise Erdogan will lose the opportunity to occupy part of the territory of Syria, and therefore, he will try to put pressure on Russia through the S-400 systems put into service by Turkey.

Without knowing the details, all our services of a hostile Turkey (S-400, construction of a nuclear power plant and Turkish Stream) look like a lot of stupidity. And do these "details" exist?

Confucius said: Listen to everything, reject the dubious, question the rest, and as for international friendship - it's like marriage between movie stars - just a change of dishes

Well - they found a friend / comrade. Among the Turks, deception has been elevated to cultural heritage. We must be very careful with them and calculate them, and yet they are afraid of decisiveness and strength.


The Americans? .... let them study yesterday.

And where will Erdogan put his tomatoes if he will blackmail Russia S-400. How Erdogan worried about his tomatoes after a downed Russian plane.

Dumb Turk, let's start an economic war. Russia will close the air gate for tourists to Turkey and recommend that travel companies completely close this destination. We’ll think about whether we need Turkish fruits and vegetables, and so on and so forth. But is it necessary to start because of some kind of terrorists? If you have no other goals, capture the northern part of free Syria. Think stupid Turk, refute the Russian proverb - Dumb as a Turk.

I totally agree.
We are too different with the Westerners, they have been opposed to us for centuries, at least 500 years.
And their eastern mongrel is mongrel.

I think that we have all of the similar displays provided and the option of blackmailing through S-400 will not work with Erdogan!
Moreover, systems for export are sold not just of the latest version that we have in service with, but export, truncated options.

I think natryatli, tk. between Syria and Russia there is no "friend or foe" identification. Therefore, IL was shot down

Judging by the increasing volume of thefts in the Ministry of Defense, the army and navy of Russia have not been a rioter for a long time.

You are right on 1000%

Israel owes us debt and payment is red.

These complexes are turned off and self-destructed by a signal from our satellites, and the button is in Moscow. Well, we should not consider our foolish steam locomotive, although there are such in the government, and in the State Duma, in general, more than half

Even Alexander III told his ministers: “In the whole world we have only two faithful allies - our army and navy, all the others, at the earliest opportunity, will take up arms against us.” If you look at the story, you will see that it has always been so. And it will always be so. That the West, that the East is always "friendly" with Russia, only when it is strong, otherwise all this jackal pack immediately pounced especially from the back.

Any of our high-tech weapons exported is not at all in service with us. and with the S-400, this is first and foremost. The news is that they require transferring our technologies to them in joint production, they pursue their goals, which by no means correspond to ours.

Turkey is an "ally" of the circumstances, but also a "Member" of NATO
it creates some problems and to resolve this situation will not be easy.

Blackmail is not S-400, but payment for their delivery.

Turkish S-400s are designed to defend Turkey and Turkish forces and should be used to destroy any bomber that also attacks an aircraft in Idlib. But Erdogan decided instead, to put Turkish short-range and medium-range air defense systems there .. so the article is just ridiculous and feed for local racists and fascists ...

I do not think that our military did not think in advance about the possible consequences, selling their weapons to a NATO member country, and even with such an unpredictable ruler. Surely the S-400 missiles have a recognition system of the "friend or foe" type, which does not allow their use on Russian aircraft, or allows their use on our aircraft to be blocked. Something like the “Trojan horse” for Erdogan, shoot - shoot, but you can’t shoot at us!

I think that our leadership perfectly understands and possesses information about the plans and actions of the Sultan, but some circumstances force us to do so. In my opinion, it is necessary to break off the Sultan, and for the big one, for our pilot and he has many other sins, he’s just a wise GDP and does not act rashly.

It’s not yet known whether the S400 was sold to the Turks or anything else under this name. And is it not to smoke

Do you really think that GDP is dumber than us or Erdogan? Just "we have no other Writers' Union." How would you build the South Stream without Erdogan? So they would sit on a hook in Ukraine

These deliveries of S-400 Turkey will also come back to us. Moreover, they will come across in all directions: they will blackmail us, and they themselves armed a potential enemy, and the Americans will study these complexes, and then we will lose more money than we gained from the sale ...

Erdogan is not a decent person and you need to talk with him very harshly and very specifically. Like Sergey Lavrov.

He can blackmail ... Only a friend or stranger is probably worth it .. Vova is not completely out of his mind .. although he can become ... but remotely cut off his entire defense remotely. will not work ... historically it will not work ...

remind pliz who sold the enemy s-400? what? and what are these people called and what should they do for it?

not even funny. they gave the enemy the latest systems of our country and now we hear that this idiot was going to blackmail us with this. are there any idiots who believe that these wrong bees are our ally? I think it even dawned on the gdp that this is, to put it mildly, not so.

Oh, that Asian.


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