Erdogan closes the Bosphorus to Russian warships, but only following to the coast of Syria

In Ankara, they decided to close the Bosphorus to Russian warships bound for Syria.

Against the background of how, in response to Turkey’s actions to supply arms to terrorists in Idlib and Aleppo, Russia began to actively supply arms and ammunition to Syria’s armaments, it became known that Erdogan was closing the passage to Russian warships that were heading to the Syrian coast.

“In recent days, Ankara has banned the passage of a military transport aircraft Tu-154 of the Russian Aerospace Forces and two Su-24M bombers over its territory. Also, Rosguard aircraft are not allowed to enter the airspace. In this regard, the aircraft had to change the route, flying over the Caspian Sea and the territories of Iran and Iraq. Ankara imposed a ban on the flight of Russian military aircraft over its territories after unsuccessful negotiations in Moscow to resolve the situation in Idlib. However, as stated by the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Mevlut Cavusoglu, negotiations at the level of the heads of the two countries can be continued in early March. According to him, "now the Russian and Turkish sides are discussing the possibility of joint patrolling in Idlib." They are apparently discussing under the unspoken pressure of Ankara related to the ban on the passage of Russian military aircraft through the territory of Turkey to Syria. A military expert, captain of the 1st rank, Sergei Ishchenko, a week ago predicted Ankara’s decision to influence "the functioning of Russian military bases in Khmeimim and Tartus." Then he suggested that Turkey could ban the passage of Russian military aircraft through its territory ”- сообщает Independent Newspaper», referring to the data of the resource "Free-News".

Earlier, the news agency also cited data that Turkey could close the passage of Russian warships through its waters, but, obviously, it would only do this as a last resort. Nevertheless, given the information provided, experts believe that Russia will not be able to ensure the delivery of ammunition and weapons to the Syrian military if Ankara really decided to take such a step.

We save kerosene

What could be the image of a country with a poor population?

The British will close Gibraltar, Egypt to avoid conflict with Europe and the United States will close the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean trap will shut for us.

Will have to expand the Bosphorus, mechanically!


The question is whether Putin will aggravate, and this is unlikely in the light of the gas war. So they will bargain for a long and tedious

In the right direction you think

You probably forgot that Turkey is a member of NATO. It has the 2nd strongest army of the Alliance.

Turkey is a member of NATO

Flirting with Turkey from the very beginning was hopeless stupidity. And if you started then you need to make a choice. between Erdogan and Assad.

The blow is undoubtedly very strong on the image of our country.
The USSR stated that after the first volley of missiles from Istanbul there was not enough left.

Russia had, is and will only have two allies - its army and navy. Alexander III was a very intelligent person, he understood a lot in his current life. It is a pity that over time everything has changed, and not for the better, unfortunately.

when did the straits close?

Well then, you need another shield to beat the gate.

Such unfriendly actions will not go unanswered. Russia and Turkey have strong economic ties, so there are leverage. If it comes to closing the straits, this will mean a threat to Russia's national interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. In this case, Erdogan just does not get off with tomatoes. Of course, we will not bomb Istanbul, but it is easy to plunder the Turkish military force in Idlib. I doubt that the mad sultan will sacrifice 7000 of his soldiers for the dubious pleasure of confronting Russia at sea.

"Nevertheless, given the information provided, experts believe that Russia will not be able to provide ammunition delivery" === Why do not you name the specialists? This is dishonorable. I know these experts: one lives on the ground floor, Kostyan, beats and collects bulls, the other - Voha - his sidekick and drinking companion. Everyone lives in Otradnoye.

Russia without any doubt will be able to ensure the delivery of ammunition and weapons to Syria from the Baltic and northern ports through Gibraltar. This will slightly increase the cost of transportation and take more time, but it will not hurt to defeat the Turkish fosterlings in Idlib.
One should expect that after this Russia will cease to reckon with the opinion and interests of the Turks in Syria. We, in turn, should consider freezing the construction of nuclear power plants in Turkey as a response measure, as well as minimize trade relations with this country and redirect tourist flow to Egypt. And to support these measures until they return to full control of Damascus in all territories occupied by the Turks.

In this regard, I recall the situation when in the 70s of the last century Turkey already tried to close the passage through the Bosphorus in the Mediterranean for warships of the then Soviet Union.

Andrey Gromyko 1 Andrey Gromyko 2 Andrey Gromyko 3

To this "friendly" act from Turkey, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, our famous "Mr. NO", comrade Gromyko Andrei Andreyevich, speaking informally with American journalists, said in between that the Soviet Black Sea Fleet would need only a couple of salvos of rockets. As a result of this, in addition to the Bosphorus, two more passages will appear in the Mediterranean, but, alas, there will be no Istanbul. After these words, Turkey never again raised the issue of closing the Bosphorus to the warships of the USSR.


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