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Erdogan mourning: the Syrian army freed another 14 settlements from terrorists

The Syrian army staged the beating of Erdogan's army in southern Idlib.

The decisiveness of Turkey’s actions in Syria, which President Erdogan publicly announced a few days ago, turned into another disgrace for the Turkish army and its terrorists - as part of a large-scale offensive operation, the Syrian army was able to liberate 14 settlements in the south of Idlib in a few hours, effectively arranging “ “beating” the Turkish army, despite the significant superiority of the latter in this region of Syria.

According to information at the disposal of the Avia.pro resource by the current hour, over the past 18 hours, Syrian government forces have been able to free 15 settlements in the southern part of Idlib province. We are talking about the settlements of Arnib, Satuh el-Deir, Nakir, Rakaya, Sheikh Mustafa, etc. - a total of more than a hundred square kilometers of the southern part of Idlib came under the control of the SAA.

It is reported that they managed to knock out the terrorists thanks to the most powerful air and artillery attacks - most of the terrorists were forced to flee deep into the province.

It should be noted that Turkey has repeatedly tried to prevent a large-scale offensive operation, in particular, it is about ongoing rocket attacks, artillery attacks, attempts to conduct several tank attacks, etc., however, as a result, only the pro-Turkish army suffered serious losses.

And think whether it is worth going now to have a rest in Turkey?

What is the same superiority? Sit on the couch!

In Altai !!!

The actions of the Syrian army have become tactically literate and effective. Soon, the terrorists in Idlib will come full optimization.

Of course you wisely poured about caps. However, it has passed. And it will go, because instead of caps, other means of bringing are used ...

... what a * liberation * ... there were practically no formations opposing Assad .. and the troops entered there without a fight ... But the city of Neyrab from which the Asadites fled has strategic significance ..

To Syria!

And if everything goes bad, where are we going to rest? Have you thought about this?

In Idlib, Turkey has military superiority, and overwhelming in all components. Therefore, cap-thinking, like throwing it, will not work. If it is possible to agree, then it is good, if not, it will be necessary to retreat, while at the same time bargaining for itself and Syria some improved conditions.

For us, as couch bloggers, who are sympathetic and attentive to the situation in Syria, in particular in Idlib, it will be of great interest to make videos of the destruction of tanks, armored personnel carriers, Turkish terrorists and other creatures with the help of our latest drones that give target designation to our VKS, which effectively and consistently destroy barmaley in the Syrian territory, freeing the Syrian people from gangs of terrorists and mercenaries.

Erdogan is working hard to destroy and divide Turkey.

You can learn history, but national pride does not allow, the memory of the Ottoman Empire.


only madnesses can argue with Putin without serious arguments. You need to learn history. Moreover, this is the most important subject. Everything is repeated, and everything was once

no one called the Turks to Syria, they do not leave themselves, it means they must be surrounded and not taken prisoner !!

Russia made Syria a tough nut. Turkish paper tiger was helpless


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