McCampbell Destroyer


Destroyer of the US Navy sent to the territorial waters of Russia

Washington decided on a provocation by the Russian territorial waters.

Against the background of the worsening situation in relations between Russia and Ukraine due to the incident in the Kerch Strait, the United States decided to organize another provocation, sending its military destroyer “McCampbell” to the territorial waters of Russia (Peter the Great Bay). According to the American side, this will be the answer for Russia for the incident in the Kerch Strait.

“These actions demonstrate that the United States will fly, swim and act wherever allowed by international law. This is also true in the Sea of ​​Japan, as elsewhere around the world. ”, - Rachel McMarr, a spokesman for the US Pacific Fleet, said.

Moreover, experts did not rule out that the American military destroyer could even enter the territorial waters of Russia, which was due to Rachel McMarr’s statement that the United States of America did not recognize areas belonging to Russia that significantly exceeded the 12-mile zone.

It should be clarified that Moscow’s response to such actions by Washington has not yet followed, but earlier Russia made a statement that any provocations would be firmly stopped, including with the use of weapons against ships illegally invading Russian territorial waters.

and they would like to start it because of one destroyer, especially when they themselves are not right?

Provocateurs, from impunity completely insolent.

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Vanguey, that in the gulf of Peter the Great, now teachings will be arranged ... DO NOT HAVE ANY EXERCISES - PUT ON IT WITH THE TEAM AS YOU ARE TAKING INTO TERRITORIAL WATER !!!

And why? Because with the crest of a ship = they balked - it was necessary to fuck up. and everyone would understand that Russia has very serious intentions, and no one would get closer than on 50 nautical miles

We look forward to when the team of the "powerful" destroyer starts to jump in with the approach of the bombers ...

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