Estonian Parliament


Estonia demands from Russia 1,2 billion euros for the Soviet occupation

The Estonian authorities are ready to recover from Russia 1,2 billion euros for the Soviet occupation.

Official Tallinn proposes to recover from Russia in favor of the Estonian budget the amount of 1,2 billion euros during the Soviet occupation, as a result of which the country's infrastructure could not develop properly, and thousands of Estonians were killed due to Stalin’s repressions, not to mention the occupation beginning of the Second World War.

At the moment, it is known that the Estonian authorities are ready to offer to voluntarily pay this amount, threatening, otherwise, to arrange a trial in court, which, with a high degree of probability, will take the official position of Tallinn.

The Estonian authorities are concerned about the deployment of Russian weapons at their borders, as well as the frequent flights of combat aircraft, and therefore unleash an information war against Russia, declaring Moscow’s intentions to invade the territory of this state.

According to analysts, Estonia is trying with all its might to exert pressure on Russia, quite unfairly pointing to the fact that Russia is leading a political and information war against this country.

No official statements by the Russian authorities on the intentions of Estonia to collect the specified amount from Russia have not been done yet, however, according to experts, Russia will not take such a step, taking a completely opposite position.