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“This is not Avangardi for you”: Putin’s new statement on super-weapon has frightened the world

The West is trying to unravel the mystery of the latest Russian weapons.

More recently, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, made a statement that in the near future, a new super-weapon may appear in Russia's arsenal. According to expert estimates, this is not about the Dagger and Avangard complexes, and not even about a nuclear-powered rocket, but about something fundamentally new. In the West, the statement of the Russian president has already been called “Putin’s unpleasant trump card” and they are trying to establish what new weapons Russia can present.

Against the background of recent events with the failure of the NATO “Trident Juncture 2018” exercise, the Prime Minister of Finland mentioned that Russia may be involved in blocking the normal operation of the global positioning system (GPS), however, given the distance of the exercise area from the Russian borders, the existing The Russian EW complexes, the only exception, perhaps, is Krasukha, they cannot completely jam satellite communications, and therefore, it was suggested that Vladimir Putin could talk about these weapons.

Analysts do not exclude that we can really talk about a secret Russian EW complex capable of disrupting the normal operation of space satellites.

“If such a weapon exists, it is close to the ideal. In fact, leaving the enemy without satellite navigation, target designation and communications, it can be made completely inefficient. The pilots will not be able to enter the target, the missiles will not be able to hit the chosen target, and coordination between the various military formations will be completely absent. In recent years, Russia has succeeded significantly in the development of EW systems and systems, so such an assumption may well be true. ”, - the expert notes.

Okraintsy here as here and the most important thing all esperdy and Herroy.

Tezka, take off your rose-colored glasses.

Dmitry, think better on how you will bask in this winter.

Oleg, you surely will obdrishcheshsya.

A bunch of idiots ... these are interesting who the rod is, that V.V. all passed and TP and td themselves what they did? On the couch mud watered can only!?

If our special services didn’t do anything, there would have been blood at times, or even dozens more ...

In the case of NATO intervention, 90% of Russians will join NATO. Vigorous war will not take place, because Russia does not have warheads.
The war will be quick, instantaneous using classic weapons.
Cause? Broken morale, no patriotism, sharp social inequality and injustice.

Protect what? Dachas Abramovich, 5 floor apartment Sechin, Rublevskie cottages? So then your children are serfs, happy to respect their "excellencies."

He is preparing all the way to paradise, and the rest just die.

Putin's chatter has long been frightening no one. Especially after 1 March 2018, he put himself to ridicule with cartoons about vundervaffe.

Specify specifically who is friend and who is the enemy - names, citizenship. I live in Moscow longer than Putin, but he considers me a political opponent.

If the load type "Avangard" -think.

We can not refund with our bare hands.
Ha ha ha ha ha

Putin is simply bluffing, he cannot create anything new in the Russian Federation, but uses the achievements of the USSR, and makes armament samples in single copies. Over the hill, everybody knows about it and plays along with Putin, who has already prepared for an incredibly rapid collapse and collapse of the Russian Federation! Everything will happen even faster and faster than the collapse of the USSR Gorbachev!

Everyone will help one event -
simultaneous destruction of the above listed figures, plus the entire world government, what else is there, some kind of 300 and other shelups, including ours. One misfortune to execute no one, our special services except the release of assets do not know how to do, their power for 18 corrupted years.

Thank you.
And for the rest I will say this, the Motherland as the mother will not choose, gather snot into a fist and be proud and protect the mother of your motherland

Your comments are stupid, both from one and the other. VV Putin is currently making Russia good for friends and terrible for enemies. This makes us very happy, but the traitors of the liberals are not very ...

Who are you going to defend from? Everything has long been here!

Rzhunemaguuu !!!

It is impossible to say smarter

I’m getting rid of it, however, when I hit it out on my clave, my hands are again on the mountain and yelling again, Americans, take me to my place. can negros aba Indians!

men do not whine. I am a woman but I will never trade my country to the west. I have a 3 son and they all served in the army and did not disappoint the mother, and if it is necessary to protect Russia. And do not wash the bones of the president, he will not let his country down. I believe in it.

There is no need to break your head! Just do not meddle on Russia and read the History more often! And everything will be fine. We don’t need yours, but don’t open our mouth, otherwise you will be in trouble!

All right Only need to add state planning and the nationalization of the means of production.

I sell a cat cheap, you do not need?


Alas, this is not an axiom.
Technologies increase the speed of changes in our world; there is no doubt about that. But this does not imply that the products of "low technology" is losing its value. In contrast, some obsolete products are so fully practical that they cannot be replaced.
There is no connection between a strong economy and a guaranteed victory. And the new factories ... We ourselves allowed Gorbachev and Yeltsin to throw the country into perestroika.

this scalar weapon will love

there is an old anecdote .. short: parade ... commentator: infantry is coming .. tanks ... rocket ... three in suits - boys from the Gosplan - our most terrible weapon ...
Take away reptiles: Gref Kasyanov Medvedv Naibulin Chubais, Siluanov Kudrin-ai, to raise the real economy, it will be worse for all the "partners"!

Exactly. But the problem is that we do not have our own state. ideology. The present is imposed on us by America. And ideology is the core. on which EVERYTHING is reeled up! Until we understand this, we will be raped even more.

Without a strong army, it is IMPOSSIBLE a strong, economically developed state! It will quickly make weak and underdeveloped countries that have a powerful army. An example? - The same FSH! All the power of FSH is supported by their army, without which the FSH would quickly be crushed and plundered! Do not understand this only or obvious provocateurs or narrow-minded people! Communism was almost built in Libya ... and where is Libya now?

Yes, bluff it all. They have no army, they have nothing. One greed and meanness in excess.
Yes, if there was something else that remained not to be ditched ... They will be bombing their families, palaces and their hidden money TAM? Not even funny.

You are so naive, China is already emptying us, and America is driving us, look at the root, and passion to distract eyes is written

It's good. I am ready to get along without jamon and parmesan, so long as the amers sit behind a Atlantic puddle, and they don’t climb to us.

In almost everything, I agree with you, except your short-sightedness, on the opening of new factories, new roads, etc. Unfortunately, without rockets, airplanes and generally good weapons, you will have neither new factories nor new roads, and nothing at all of your own! At the expense of the opening of factories, are you possibly in the wrong category trying to find something ?! The Internet is a terrible thing, and if you look good, I’m sure that you will find and discover many interesting things!

an anonymous author's article is complete nonsense. some kind of "experts" ... mysterious and also anonymous. and even "frightened the whole world." in short, complete nonsense. the world has nothing to do but to be intimidated by the Russian dictator who is under complete control of the United States. What would smarter have come up with an unknown author.

So go quickly to where everything is so good and where all the enemies only think about, how would you like to shower manna from heaven


My dear fellow citizens! The most terrible weapon is a strong economically state, I would love to see how a new plant is opened, and not launch rockets. All social benefits were taken away from us. Our enemies are not abroad, but here they rob us to the last.

I want to reply to Alexander, who refers to the fact that many countries live beautifully, not thinking about strengthening their army, and that nobody needs us either, so there is nothing to strengthen our army, they say, no one will attack us and is not going to if we live quietly and peacefully, without threatening anyone or waving his armor shield.
I will say that your references to other countries are not at all consistent, because those countries that do not have their own army have nothing to take, their nature is naked, and the one with that nose. It is impossible for Russia, which occupies 1 / 6 part of the entire globe and is the richest part of the earth for minerals, and the population has a nose to do without a mighty army, always ready to give a fitting rebuff to any aggressor who tries to take control of our t territory with all its wealth

Just do not need to openly demonstrate this new weapon. Let NATO break its head. And keep secrets from traitors.

The worst thing that NATO can switch off for us is that the officials will change us. Russian and so all 0,2% of the population of the Earth, we will still work on our land, and even live no worse than it is now.

As long as you, a patriot, will rot in a trench, other "patriots" in bureaucratic offices will rob you and your family. Super weapons are good. I hope it will make life easier for us, freeing vital forces from the army in favor of a normal life.
In the meantime, the state or rather officials and deputies from United Russia systematically do everything so that the state of Russia turns into some kind of OAO Russia, and its citizens into IP Ivanov, etc. without any government protection, but simply contractors under the contract.
At least my sons have already been transferred from employment contracts for employment as an individual entrepreneur, nor any funds of the OMS, FSS, etc., nor any vacation pay, sick leave, responsibility for the state of the employee at work, responsibility for injuries, and so on. So much for super weapon and patriotism.

Our country prevents the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the like from them from gaining complete control over the whole World. They have long been engaged in the collapse of Russia from the inside, using the national question, treating our semi-literate young people, introducing all sorts of unified state examinations, Bologna affairs, etc. So do not hope for a quiet life ...

Do you want to wait?

Yes, Bandera is ...


Cartoons they are cartoons. Fly, but not there. Handling - zero :-)

At the end of the war, Hitler also hoped for a super-weapon. Do not forget the patriots :-)

stand in solidarity

What worries me is that among us, one can see from the many companies, many, many lumpen. One gets the impression we live to eat. No patriotism. Whine, whine ...

Rustam, why do you need so many T-50? Won Americans riveted their F-35 and now do not know where to put them. And they are expensive! And we have released several T-50 and now on these copies work out "novshevstva". For now let out absolutely quite good, but inexpensive SU-35. Which by the way is no worse than American unfinished (many flaws) F-35 and F-22.
“The maximum that an American plane can do is to quickly tighten the“ loop of Nesterov, ”
and the Su-35 can actually unfold on the spot at 180 degrees and attack the pursuing fighter, "the military expert said.

Alexander. Here Ukraine to take. Made the Maidan, deceived Yanukovych, wanted to Europe. Broke economic ties with Russia. But Europe does not need Ukrainian goods - they have enough of their own. And now where to put their goods to Ukraine? And there is no sale of goods, no money. Ukraine in the ass. Or Bulgaria and Romania. Covered all local businesses. People have no work. And all commanded by Brussels. The "old states" of Europe will not give up their money to Bulgaria and Romania, and they will not give it to the Baltic states either. And in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia destroyed all the enterprises built by the USSR. In the year 2019 run out of subsidies from Europe. So, what is next ? 30% of the population has already left these countries. Will such nations as Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians end? Sadly You can not believe Europe.

We 300 years are under attack by the Anglo-Saxons and the bone in the throat of the tripods ........ Tsuki got !!!!

You're just a stupid person

Well, then we go to the west and work, day and night there are pumped over there

Our secret weapon is the families of officials who are in ambush in London and the USA

Today we will have three puzas, and tomorrow we will be quickly transferred to a diet, the Holodomor will seem like a joke!

there will be no weapons - no chickens and no dogs

This weapon will not be plowed to the west, there is food at home, children are dressed, relatives are healthy and thank you for that. You have a cockroach.

And you still can’t prove anything to these jerks, they already know everything better than anyone!

Everyone thinks he is a strategist, seeing the battle from the side! You know exactly how to control Russia !!!!

And you "Mr. Expert" check!

Well done, one of the few adequate people! Everybody yells that Russia is a great power, but no one thinks that it’s necessary to protect the values. Or do you think you can defend Russia with a baseball bat? Stinky NATO has already surrounded Russia , and these things are still in the clouds. Do you pour water on the mill, the fifth wheel?

Our president did not bet on those on whom it was necessary, he decided to support all this bydlyatinu thieves, but it was necessary to support the people, billionaires appear like mushrooms after the rain, but there is no money for retirement, there are no money for ARMATS, our present oligarchs abroad take away everything, in fact, our money is with you, and now they, without a twinge of conscience, decided to fill it all at the expense of the population, for the most part simply a beggar, who even have nothing to pay utility bills, because again they didn’t pay honestly earned pay, re or thugs with bats connect to beat debts for utilities, to Kamchatka, people have started to create self-defense units against the collectors, scary is when predstavlyaesh what it all might lead.

Darling! Well, who will show you a new weapon right now? So have not yet completed the test. Now the tests will finish and show everyone, and see. And about homeless dogs - so we have them in Moscow until the fig, and even homeless cats - a dime a dozen, cats walk and mark the wheels of cars, under
they hide themselves. How could anyone think some years
30 - 50 back that packs will run in Moscow
homeless dogs and cats? And dog, and feline
shelters to fig. So, I think, and here in Moscow,
If you release the chickens, then the four-footed with them
will quickly understand.

From whom to defend? Who do we need? If we don’t go where we don’t need, everything will be fine. Other countries live and do not fight. Raising children, grandchildren, work, rest. And to protect the thieves who rob their people, the height of stupidity. Their children will definitely not defend themselves; they have long lived in the countries of our "enemies" and even do not join the army in peacetime.

The satellites are being cut down by megaton explosions in Komos, and they will be made at the very beginning of the final solution of the problem of overpopulation of the unfortunate planet with high primates.

I remember a little more than six months ago, the Western media and some domestic panicked pessimists all convinced that Putin’s speech in March and the shown cartoons about the Russian super-weapon are Putin’s tales and tales. But, come and you, already and "Daggers" fly, and
“Avant-garde”, too, and “Sarmat”, and the rest - on the way. So I would not be so categorical in
evaluation of Putin’s statements, wait half a year and, as they say, reap - see.

This is your mess. When Pease - no, not only will not find anyone.

War is war, and eat on schedule.

while new weapons do not produce in commercial quantities what is the use of them? t-50 how many 12 pieces are released?

Super weapons did not see. But my chickens behind the gate to the villages where I live let out this year, I can not stray half-dogs with spruce. This my father does not remember himNNXX year. So the country lights up from the inside. The sense of this weapon!

Wrong! First, the defense, and then eat! Moreover, no one swells with hunger.

This is all Ponte nothing and will not be

Bullshit ALL THIS! We know what kind of weapons they are, this is the government, officials of all stripes who rob the country and the people turning it into brainless cattle, pushing towards extinction, dismemberment, etc., thereby clearing the territory, not without reason today the themes of Kuril and Siberia are exaggerated, What to wait for the transfer of smoked? After all, the people today are not up to it, he is trying to survive.

In vain are you, of course, modern weapons systems are still scarce in the army, but at least there is a movement in this direction, and this pleases

Yes, and there are no tanks and rockets do not fly, and the soldiers are all sleeping in the laskuty. Come to visit and bring friends. Everyone will be happy.

Well, not all iPhones, but this is not an indicator of poverty.

Who does not want to feed his army, will feed someone else's. Not by us and said long ago.

You have dear, mess in my head

Nuclear war of all nakrmit.

theoretically, the Nata troops may well do without the ZHPS (navigation, radar, inertial, optical systems), but, as we see in practice, the Nata ships have already repeatedly become victims of even civilian tankers and bulk carriers, what to say about missiles and torpedoes

you are an example of someone pointed out with the correct understanding of the phrase "it's time to blame."

I have never heard a bluff from us, there is a tank, there is a Crimean bridge, North Stream-2 is being built.

An example of how the security officers fly off the coils

the Security Council who went away for a raise to the Security Council said just now that there was nothing, and there never will be.

Well, it gives: then hypersonic, then systematically falling, then going to heaven, thinking that everyone agrees. And poverty in the country 20 million and continues to grow. First feed the people, eliminate poverty.

Who made sure he isn't bluffing?

One hell there is some sort of nitsya for grandmother merge info over the hill!

201 GOST

Usually, too, just come up with such a wish LOOK and in a week it will be done. Only we are not ON PINDOSY !! ..... Roads we need to drive for example

Pindos have so many weapons and airplanes that they can fly a compass like in World War II and without special organization achieve goals. And their agents and sailors in our territory rosiavit. Or make a local zhps. In the role of satellites ships. WE NEED TO BUILD SU 57 AND ARMATS. and we also have software 3 PIECES EXHIBITS. When China and the United States have completed the fifth generation 200%. Mara Bogdyasaryan does not allow to allocate the necessary amount of money for their production and does not agree to sell Almaty cheaper (I cant !! I am breathing nebyvaet !!! Stolko is worth a beryeeee tank !!).

It seems that Putin deliberately does exactly that. At first, he scared everyone with Daggers and Vanguards with Sarmatians, everyone was convinced that he wasn’t bluffing, and now he’d even more caught up without saying anything concrete)). Now their reconnaissance missions give their residency tasks to find out what kind of tractor we have in the barn)), their reconnaissance digs the ground with their nose, and ours are ready to record all the curious "skrtpals" in the red notebook)))

It's time

Well, let's start with the fact that "Krasuha" does not mow down the Pindossk aircraft, but puts interference in the navigation system and in the target designation and weapon control system. Civilian navigation works on other frequencies, but there are no combat systems at all. What our military demonstrates in Syria is only 10% of the real capabilities of the system. Just not everything can be shown to potential enemies.

A weapon is created approximately like this - the Military formulate a technical task, the Developers create a schematic diagram (+ feedback with the military), work on a technical implementation (+ feedback), ..., Produce a prototype ... THIS IS EVERYTHING TO WHAT THE ARTISTIC IS NOT A CUSTOM CONSTRAINTS TO THE DIFFICULTY OF ANY MERCEDES ... PRINCIPLES OF ACTION AND THB PARTLY SPECIFIED ... AND AVAILABLE FOR COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISTS

ado would still have to rebuild the “Krasukha” in such a way that the Jewish air defense would fire on some neighboring American base

A product of a colorectum is a very simplified and, with worse parameters, a variant of a completely different product !! ) Who knows will understand!! But even the colors are enough to uvondoshit any radio communication for hundreds of kilometers ... And if you use five-kilowatt transmitters, then half the planet, and the satellites will not help .. And those who need to know about this - have long been well known .. And if use 25-kilowatt transmitters, then you can accidentally burn out the entire NATO communications system — and who needs to know — they also know about this ..))


Best in the world of aviation