Fighter F-35


Europe wants to abandon American fighters

The EU does not want to depend on US weapons.

Due to the fact that the United States openly demonstrated its unreliability in partnership with Europe, the European Union is ready to consider refusing to buy American weapons, in particular, we are talking about the fifth-generation fighter F-35. According to Chinese military experts, the first signals for this are already there, which is expressed primarily in harsh criticism of American aircraft, which, despite the claims of Donald Trump, will not be cheaper, but only more expensive.

The British edition of "Express" published an article stating that the American F-35 fighters are just another unpromising project that can not provide reliable protection.

"An airplane with more than a thousand known defects and defects is a big problem. His purchase turns into additional financial injections, and the fighter himself can not effectively carry out the assigned tasks ", - reported in the publication.

"The only advantage of American fighters F-35 is secrecy. Given the fact that the military doctrine of the EU is defensive, the need for these aircraft disappears by itself ", says the German press.

Experts believe that in the future, Europe intends to completely replace the aircraft that are in service with newer and more promising, especially since their cost is much lower than that of the American F-35, which have not yet been tested in real combat, at least officially.

"To date, there are air defense systems and fighters capable of destroying American aircraft of the fifth generation. What is the promise in the armament that is ineffective? ", military analysts ask the question.

Nevertheless, it is important to take into account that there have not been any official statements on this matter, with the possible exception of Germany, which suggested less to depend on the US military influence.

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