Europe: Ukraine is to blame for the Kerch incident

In Sweden, they come to the conclusion that Ukraine is to blame for the Kerch incident.

The author of the publication in the Swedish edition of Nyhetsbanken, journalist Stephan Lindgren, analyzing the incident in the Kerch Strait, concluded that the actions of the Russian side were legitimate. He drew attention to the fact that all Ukrainian ships approached the strait, without warning Russia, did not wait for its pilots, did not respond to the instructions of the Russian border guards, that is, it’s about a violation of the law.

The provocation, according to the assumption of the journalist was delayed. After the Russian border guards made all the warnings foreseen, they opened fire and hijacked the ship. In this case, three Ukrainian sailors were injured.

Lindgren stressed that Kiev cannot refer to the convention on the law of the sea adopted in the 1982 year. The reason - the order of the peaceful passage of ships in the strait was violated. The fact is that they had a load of weapons on board.

The author also draws attention to the 1958 convention of the year, which deals with territorial waters, which was adopted by Russia and Ukraine. This document says: "Coastal states have the right to establish the procedure for obtaining the right of passage for foreign ships through their territorial waters". That is, the legitimacy of the Russian position is confirmed by this document.

According to Lindgren, Kiev is unlikely to win in a border court, which is organized on the basis of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Since Ukraine tore up the 1997 Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Russia, during the incident, Ukrainian ships marched through Russian territorial waters.

The journalist is sure that what happened in the strait cannot be qualified as a violation of international law by Russia, since paragraph 51 of the UN Charter provides for the right to self-defense. Each state on whose territory the invasion occurred has the right to resist using weapons.

Auto reproaches the leadership of Sweden, accusing him of double standards. Russia, like any other country, has the right to use military measures to protect its territorial waters. The West does not recognize such a right for Russia.

Such an attitude to the events from Western countries once again proves, as the journalist is sure, that if we are talking about attacks on Russia, then we can not shun anything.

One of the conclusions of the author of the publication - Kiev purposefully arranged a provocation, since he was confident that the countries of the West would support him.

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