The European analogue of GPS "died" after Russia's statements about unique systems of electronic jamming of satellites

Global positioning systems are working around the world with serious disruptions.

On the eve of the day it became known that the European system of global positioning "Galileo" was completely out of order. Until recently, serious interruptions in its performance have been observed, however, to date, 22 from 26 satellites have been disabled. It is noteworthy that the incident was fixed several months after the appearance of information that arming systems appeared in Russia that could suppress the operation of satellites.

At the moment, there are no official accusations against Russia on this score, however. experts pay attention to the fact that global positioning systems around the world work with serious interruptions. Among the anomalous regions of the planet, the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, the northwestern borders of Russia, the Persian Gulf region, and also certain regions in Latin and Central America are distinguished.

“The new system is designed in such a way that the signals sent via satellite channels GPS, Galileo and Beidou do not reach the receivers. Moreover, in case of acute need, a complex directed from the ground by a high-frequency beam can in principle burn out all the electronic systems of an enemy aircraft, rocket or satellites in low orbit ”, - Russian media reported in April of this year.

It should be clarified that earlier Russia rejected any accusations at its own expense in a special statement of interference to global positioning systems.