F-16 did not shoot down fighter MiG-21 Indian Air Force

The Chinese general argues that the MiG-21 Indian Air Force was not shot down by the F-16.

Chinese media published the comments of the National Institute of Defense PLA of the People's Republic of China, retired General Jin Yunnan, who claimed that during the air combat of Pakistani and Indian 27 fighters in February, the MiG-21 Indian air force was hit by a missile fired by a JF-17 aircraft, and not F-16 . This fighter-bomber was created by China in cooperation with Pakistan. The Chinese version is called Chengdu FC-1.

The Indian Ministry of Defense claims that the MiG-21 shot down the Pakistani F-73 with a P-16 rocket. Then another Pakistani F-16 launched the AIM-120 AMRAAM rocket, which hit the MiG-21, piloted by Abhinandan Warthamman. Pakistan claims no one shot down F-16.

It should be recalled that at first Pakistani media reported that the Indian MiG-21 was shot down by JF-17. Later information appeared that the rocket, released by the F-16, made it.

According to a retired Chinese general, the Indian military is mistaken in calling the plane that shot down the MiG-21, the F-16 fighter. The fact is that the United States no longer supplies such planes to Pakistan. At present, the Pakistani Air Force has less than twenty such fighters that can be used to carry out combat operations. In addition, Pakistan signed an agreement prohibiting the use of F-16 and armament onboard them in offensive operations, and the February 27 events were just an offensive operation, as reported by the Indian military command.

Jin Yunnan claims that Pakistan had no reason to use F-16. The fact is that the same US fighter planes were going to supply India (version F-21). According to the general, the Americans have already provided India with the necessary information about this fighter: the combat potential, the parameters of the on-board radar, and other characteristics.

Given all this, the Chinese general concludes that Pakistan vs MiF-21 used JF-17. He also made a number of comments on the Mig-21, which is used by the Indian Air Force. The main thing is the outdated avionics and weapons control system, which does not meet modern requirements.

In India, commenting on such assumptions of a retired Chinese general, they noted that all his evidence looked like a “cheap attempt to advertise JF-17”. At the same time, he was asked: why would he not comment, not explain why American-made AMRAAM rockets flew into Indian territory, if, as Jin argues, the Pakistani military did not use either F-16 or AMRAAM.