Fantastic blow of Russian bombers on a column of Turkish technology in Idlib. Video

Russian bombers destroyed a Turkish military convoy.

A few hours ago, Russian bombers, together with the Syrian Air Force, delivered a precise and incredibly powerful blow to a column of Turkish military equipment in the southern Syrian province of Idlib, which destroyed Turkish military trucks with weapons, ammunition, uniforms, products, etc. According to preliminary data , a blow destroyed at least 8 vehicles, while several Turkish soldiers were injured (there are no data on the death of the Turkish military by the current hour - approx. units).

On the presented video frames, you can see only three damaged vehicles belonging to the Turkish military, while a number of sources report that, in fact, the convoy also transported Turkish troops, who were immediately evacuated by local militants.

According to preliminary data, the military convoy of Turkish troops was destroyed after the attack on the position of the SAA.

It should be clarified that Russian military aviation was indeed seen today this afternoon after delivering dozens of air strikes against terrorist positions in Idlib province, which allowed the liberation of the entire southern part of the region from militants.

After the destruction of the column, the cars turned out to be intact


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