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The FAS: the passenger can even pass a non-refundable ticket

The Federal Antimonopoly Service told about the return of bad tickets.

As experts from the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) have pointed out, a passenger in a number of cases has the right to hand over a non-returnable air ticket, moreover, the air carrier will not only have to accept it, but also to return the full cost. Specialists specify that the passenger's illness, illness of relatives or death of both those confirmed and documented can be the reason for the return of the ticket and full compensation for it, besides, the passenger has the right to return the ticket and return its full cost, and in cases, When the air carrier delays the flight for a long period.

It should be clarified that the passenger is obliged to provide all the necessary documents directly to the end of the registration for the flight, otherwise, according to the current legislation, compensation may be denied.

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