Finland will hold large-scale military exercises with NATO countries near the Russian borders

Finland will become the arena for large-scale international military exercises, in which about 20 thousand military personnel, including representatives of NATO countries, will take part. A series of exercises will take place across the country from late April to early June, covering various areas, including border areas with Russia.

According to the press service of the Finnish Ground Forces, the exercises are aimed at increasing readiness and coordinating actions within the framework of defensive measures. One of the key events is Exercise Arrow 24, which starts on April 26 and will continue until May 14 under the leadership of an armored brigade. About 2,6 thousand military personnel are participating in these exercises, including troops from Latvia, Estonia and the UK. Venue: training grounds in southwest Finland.

Of particular interest is the Repo 24 exercise, scheduled for May 27-31, which will take place in Kymenlaakso, right next to the Russian border. These exercises will be coordinated by the Karelian Brigade and involve the participation of about 2,1 thousand people.

In addition, air defense exercises are planned from May 14 to 23 with the participation of military personnel from Germany, and artillery exercises, which will take place from May 13 to 25, will be carried out in cooperation with the US military.

As part of the preparation of the ground forces, active participation of aviation is also expected, including helicopters from the UK and the USA, which will be used from April 24 to June 7. Flights are planned in both the south and north of Finland.


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