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Finland: Russia played with EW complexes

Electronic warfare methods developed by the Russian Federation have been tested not only in Syria and Ukraine. The invasion of the Finnish GPS system is a vivid demonstration of the tools with which the Russian Federation will be able to paralyze its opponent.

The value of electronic systems is growing steadily, because the weapons are regularly upgraded, making it possible to conduct electronic warfare. In the circles of developers to create interference and protection from them is fierce competition.

The Russian Federation has long been creating special units and developing equipment that would allow effectively waging electronic warfare. These systems played a decisive role during the seizure of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014. By 2020, the Russian Federation plans to upgrade these systems by 70%.

There are various reasons for interfering with GPS: most of the bombs and air force missiles can determine the desired target using satellite communications. Russia interferes with GPS in order to protect itself from the enemy’s precision weapons.

Depending on the purpose and range, these systems are conventionally divided into numerous and multistage.


The task of the complex is the recognition and suppression of the mobile network.


This family of systems is intended to interfere with aircraft radars.

"Resident of"

Interferes with the work of satellite communications. The goal of the Resident is to create interference with information systems.


This equipment is quite different, with which you can interfere with GPS signals, as well as satellite and radio communications.

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