Fighter F-22


Photo-fact: American F-22 in the sight of the Russian Su-35

The Russian fighter took the American F-22 in sight.

The defenselessness of F-22 American fighters in front of Russian Su-35 received documentary evidence - on the web there was a photo taken with the help of a fire control system, which shows how an American airplane is in sight of a Russian airplane during one of their rapprochement in Syria .

The edition of the Defense Blog notes that the sim card, made in the infrared spectrum, makes it possible to completely debunk the advantages of stealth aircraft, as the fifth-generation American fighter is clearly visible in the photo.

"This system to determine the general location of an aircraft within a radius of fifty kilometers is potentially useful for detecting stealth aircraft, such as F-22, at relatively short distances", - the edition marks.

Considering the fact that the Russian Su-35 has already taken the American fighter into sight, the probability that the target would be successfully hit is almost 98%, which indicates a serious vulnerability of American aircraft, so analysts do not exclude that it was for this reason the fighters F-22 and F-35 stopped participating in the operation on the territory of Syria.