Fighter F-35


Photo: F-35 fighters are kept behind wooden fences

Russia once again ridiculed the stupidity of NATO.

Today afternoon at the disposal of the resource were unique photos of how one of the British military airbases stored American fighters of the fifth generation F-35. Despite the fact that the UK considers its Royal Air Force one of the best in the world, security at military airbases only causes laughter, which is due to the unique photographs of how the F-35 fighters, who for absolutely unknown reasons, are considered one of the best in world, are stored behind wooden fences.

"In order to store the fifth-generation fighters behind a wooden fence about 1.5 meters high, one must be a real fool. Fighters F-35 cost over 100 million dollars each, and for their protection a rickety wooden fence is used. This is nonsense! ", - said a specialist

It is absolutely clear that the security of the British military airbases is not paid any attention at all, and this is due not so much to the fact that their perimeter is protected by a wooden fence, but also because the picture was taken only from a distance of several tens of meters from the border of the base.

There have not been any official comments on this issue by the British Defense Ministry, but as it appears from the information provided by the source, the F-35 fighters were transferred from the US to the UK 6 June, while the photo itself was made 12 June .

* F-35 is a family of fifth-generation American fighters developed by Lockheed Martin.