Investigation of the disaster in Ukraine


Photo: how the aircraft was destroyed over Ukraine

The first evidence of an airplane crash since Boeing 777 On the territory of Ukraine.

Photograph made by American, British or probably a satellite, clearly demonstrates that the airliner might have been hit by a missile of class "air-to-air." It should be noted that in the course of the examination, no traces of photomontage in the picture has not been revealed, and even more than that, this information has been confirmed by an expert from the 20-years of experience George Bilt, according to which the aircraft was first fired air gun and then struck by two missiles of class "air-to-air."

According to the first assumptions, the picture depicts a fighter MiG-27But previously the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation claimed that in the vicinity of the Malaysian airliner was zasechёn attack aircraft Su-25.

It is expected that the current information will soon be available to international experts, which will establish whether a satellite image original, or is it a photomontage.