Russia in Venezuela


Photofact: Russia is going to build a military base in Venezuela

The Russian military arrived in Venezuela to build a military airbase.

The night before, two Russian military planes arrived in Venezuela - the military transport An-124 Ruslan and Il-62 of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. According to the Telegram channel, the Military Observer, the appearance of the Russian military in Venezuela (several dozen people - approx. Ed.) May indicate preparations for the construction of a Russian military airbase in this country.

“An interesting photograph of the" passengers "of the Il-62M liner of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which yesterday, together with the An-124 transport, landed at Caracas airport. At least one of those who arrived in Venezuela is armed with a pistol (a noticeable thigh holster), another one (in the area of ​​the aircraft’s nose fairing) is equipped with a shoulder-strap system. People in green uniform are generally in line ... Their appearance coincides with unconfirmed reports about preparations for the possible construction of a Russian military base in Venezuela. ”, - the report says.

According to other data, Russian military planes arrived in Venezuela delivered medicines to the country, however, as experts emphasize, humanitarian aid could be delivered to Venezuela on smaller aircraft without the involvement of the Russian military.

I agree with the construction of the base on 100%, I would go to build myself, but I would not allow it to go to Afghan in 1982, as before, but I got to Bam. Already years. And in contrast to the pendos, the decision is wise. They crawl to our borders, and we to them. Cuba, too, needs to be stuffed, so that only about the world we were persuaded, and also to remind about Alaska and return to its native harbor.

Alexander, I have been "TAM" in Europe, in Asia and in Africa ... (not only on the beaches) and I have seen enough of real poverty.
It is necessary to drive off from the center of any cities (despite the size) or from resort areas literally a dozen or less km. , that's where poverty and misery are.
Communicated with local people everywhere. And here's a paradox, if you want to live, you need to learn and work.
And these mukhtars, Atallians, Valers have no idea what 70 was years ago. They sit on the couch with a computer in an embrace and squeal on the whole Internet, how badly they live - woo heaven is not doing anything ...

Edward, yes these mukhtaram and atallians only yelp from around the corner. They have no work, well, and full member, and weakly tear off my sofa from the sofa?
There you look and it would be closer to paradise.
Not seen, do not know, you can see how our parents "lived", but how did we start ourselves?
I have a 65 let. At first I studied a lot, and now I still work a lot (for all, as they write there, emperors) and not everything, but basically everything works out pretty well.
There is nothing to whine, who did not work, poverty does not work either.

Cossack you are "misled", Valera.
The oppositionists have given a pretty penny - and you scream.

For today's state, it is necessary to blame the hunchback and the Yeltsinoid. Who jumped under the tanks for freedom and dermic power, that's who is to blame. The president is trying to pull us out of d .... and not having neither the money nor the power that Stalin had.

Yes, brother, you are apparently blind. Raised to? He already here promised us to heaven. I think you are with him along the way. There is no work. Poverty and shame for the incompetent power - this is the real picture of our present life. Never had such a negative attitude to leadership, as now. Slabaki and troechniki, crooks and liars are typical representatives of the authorities of the new time. This is the reality.

Russia was, is and will be a great power! Here are the Anglo-Saxons that makes it difficult to sleep! Putin defends the interests of his people and for the most part, the people support his policies! And who does not support that enemy and provocateur, who is not worthy of being called a Russian man, let him go overseas and lick ass bearers of "democracy"

Who sees the devastation now in our country did not live on their own in the 90-e .... early 2000-x. The country has risen from its knees and progress is evident. A sofa 30-year-old experts can only compare the time for the full pre-stationary and today's. And they do not understand that we were fed with one pen of Pindos, and the other was robbed

And you do not think that it is more expensive for us to fly into Syria, Venezuela. A new weapon every time. About 20 million of the poor in the country. Normally? The retirement age against the popular will raised.

Then comes the end of the country after him? Why do the police have enough people at a rally against pension reform, against point construction, against garbage, against truckers, against VAT, etc. ??? Are you aware of?

In a country about 20 million poor. And you say you raised the country. What about?

Putin is president, from God. About him will write for a long time, as about Stalin and others. Raising a country out of nothing is not so easy. Many people say that we live in poverty, but believe in my childhood poverty was much more, I am 70 years old. Many are of the opinion that they have "there", a much richer life, but do not want to think that we also have the rich, and the poor work there much more to be at a higher level.

The people have been waiting for this for a long time, only how many have been waiting for it.
Now Pindos just will not sleep day and night. They will build in their own house in the basement Bunker. If you remember, there is even a film of the leading role played by Frazier if I am not mistaken, who played the role of Tarzan, in short, the film of this Fraser gave birth in the Bunker, and when he became 18 or 19, his parents sent the town to the exit to find out if there are people or not. That's exactly the same will be.

Valery, you literally got it right. Peacemaker!

I will say a resolute YES!

if it were not for Putin of Russia, it would not have been long ago

just an exchange of courtesies of the United States climbs to Ukraine, and we are in Venezuela.

Need means need

I remember in Grenada, too, were going to build a military base ...

if we let the usa gobble up Venezuela. then they will pass on to us and they will also say who the president is with us and in Syria we have put things in order where our zone of responsibility is

The retirement age is up to 70, VAT - 22% - and we will dial for an excellent base! So win!

Say a decisive NO! expansionist policy of Moscow.

Valery, Putin is doing everything that you and your ass lived in peace and security, it would be good to call you to Venezuela to protect the fatherland.

Well, you said a clown)

And here the emperor? For a start, compare the number of foreign military bases in Russia and the United States, as well as bases near the borders of the opposite side! Compare? And who is the emperor? Harm what? That in Syria, the terrorists have ceased to cut off the heads of civilians? What in the Crimea APU did not kill people in the Donbas? What in Venezuela helps the elected president?

Putin is increasingly drawing Russia into war. He imagines himself as an emperor and harms the whole world literally everywhere and in everything.