Battle laser


Photo fact: the Russian military accidentally issued a secret base, where the "superweapon"

Users of the Network have discovered a secret Russian base where "superweapon" tests are conducted.

More recently, it became known that Russia adopted the Peresvet combat laser system capable of serving not only to destroy air targets (combines the capabilities of an air defense system and a missile defense system - approx. Ed.), But also destroy space objects ( military satellites - ed.). Despite the fact that we are talking about secret weapons, Network users were able to easily find the location of a secret military base.

It is known that enthusiasts, estimating the video recording presented by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, were able to find all the military objects on the map, thereby declassifying the location of the base on which the newest Russian laser systems "Peresvet" are located - a regime facility is located near the town of Teikov (Ivanovskaya region).

On the satellite images you can see all the same objects that are presented in the video of the published Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which, according to experts, means that the Russian military accidentally gave out the location of the secret facility, which could threaten serious consequences, including threats to national interests Russia.

There have not been any official comments on this from the Russian military department for the time being.

It should be clarified that a few days ago The US complained to the United Nations against the Russian combat laser "Peresvet", believing that the newest Russian "superweapon" threatens the whole world.

I liked the picture! Lasers beat in the arc and more with ricochets.

And the thought of what was filmed was elsewhere, and not where actually passed the test you do not come to mind ??

Top-secret barn for laser pointer storage))

I agree in Gendalfom - they will blame the users of the Network, and not stupid commanders and MO ...

Our blunderers as always - but potmou, aaaaa, the technology was stolen, traitors to the homeland, state treasury, etc. This Hand is called