Interception of an American aircraft


Photofact: Russian Su-35 intercepted three American aircraft

The Russian fighter intercepted two American F-15 and tanker aircraft in the sky over Syria.

On the eve of the afternoon, the Russian VKS fighter flew to intercept three American military aircraft that approached the border of the airspace controlled by the Syrian military. We are talking about two F-15 fighters and one tanker aircraft, which turned out to be in the sight of a pilot of a Russian combat aircraft.

As can be seen in the photographs taken from the cockpit of a Russian fighter, and according to some information, this is Su-35, which is the most maneuverable combat aircraft in the world, all three American planes are in the pilot's sight. Moreover, experts point out that the personnel themselves suggest that the Russian Su-35 approached the American plane at an extremely close distance, thereby depriving the US Air Force pilots of the ability to perform any maneuvers.

On the other hand, it is reported that no aggressive actions were undertaken by either the American or the Russian aircraft, after completing the refueling, the American fighters went deep into the US-controlled space of Syria.

It should be clarified that this is far from the first time that Russian fighters are targeting American aircraft, in particular, most recently Su-35 fighter was intercepted by a fifth-generation American fighter F-22.

Eh ... It was necessary to threaten him with his fist. Americans on the same day from Syria would have escaped ...

The trick is that Russia and the West are unlikely to converge in battle. And to bomb in the countries of the third world technology stealth is not necessary. So why pay more. By the way, this stealth was invented by the Soviet physicist Ufimtsev. And at first, the Ameri- cans were locked up. And maybe not stolen, and they threw up - type up, do bad flying irons.

“Only one of the operating western fighters - F-22 - can boast of similar possibilities” - and let's immediately compare the price of the f-22 and Su-35. Somehow it turns sour.
“However, contrary to the initial statements, the Su-35 seems incapable of performing a supersonic cruise flight at full combat load without the use of afterburner” - we do not know for sure, but one man from the pub expressed this opinion.
"The service life ... has been significantly increased - to 6 000 and 4 500 flight hours, respectively. For comparison, the declared life of the F-22 and F-35 - 8 000 hours" - and what about the cost of maintenance, the duration of the scheduled maintenance and conditions of this work?
“However, passive antenna radars are easier to detect and drown than their active counterparts” - and not vice versa?

Amer must somehow compete with the Su-35. And only with the help of such articles it is possible to maintain the image of amersky "invisible" trash.

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