Air strikes against Syria


Photo: Israeli-destroyed Syrian radar

The shots of the destroyed Syrian radar were published.

Earlier, the information portal already reported that as part of the Israeli shelling of the Syrian territory, the air defense system of this country was seriously damaged, in particular, in addition to destroyed anti-aircraft missile and gun complex "Pantsir-X1", Buk-M1-2 air defense missile systems, S-75 air defense systems and S-200, the Syrian radar station was destroyed. Against this background were published and photographs of the destroyed radar, which, for obvious reasons, is not subject to recovery.

Specialists, in turn, questioned the arguments made earlier by the Israeli side that the Syrian radar was destroyed by an accurate hit.

“The presented photos of the destroyed radar station indicate that it was rather destroyed by debris of a rocket fired or by a blast wave. Please note that the design of the radar is not twisted - if the missile was directly hit by a ground-based or air-based missile, nothing would have remained of the Syrian radar except for a pile of debris scattered over a radius of tens of meters. It is likely that the station was destroyed by the karmikaze drone, as well as in the case of the Pantsir-С1 complex. ”, - the military analyst comments.

It should be clarified that there have been no official comments from Israel on this matter.

"..all who approached for donation cut off taking their organs for sale, the worthless same shot and threw their bodies like garbage ..."
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all greetings) about the article I will say so, it is quite possible that the bombs and the pvoes in Syria were powerless, maybe there were flying Western planes, but the point is not that even if this is not an indication of the weakness of military equipment and weapons of the Russian Federation! does anyone think that the Russian Federation has transferred its latest military technology to Syria, but right now there are Russians in Syria and they support the asada, but that does not mean that Russia will give its latest developments, even to an allied friendly country! if the Americans thought so now they would not bomb Syria and Russia, they had long ago laid eyes on these lands, I myself half-Russian, myself with Baku, but still have to judge objectively! Firstly, there are problems and shortcomings in the Russian Federation as elsewhere, but it is personal inside the state business, the Russian patient people, but if they are brought badly! From what can be inferred, in Russia, not everything is so bad, because if it was so then the Russians would have stood up long ago, and if they did not get up, then everything is fine, but there are errors everywhere, about Americans and their soldiers I will say the following-I served in Iraq, as part of the peacekeeping contingent of NATO, in the east there is a tradition (where I could not say) at weddings there they like to shoot out firearms, and so I saw with my own eyes- American soldiers paid money to informers about where weddings are and when, having received the given ame the Ricans sent troops of soldiers to the area where the wedding took place, then they did what they did-the soldiers quietly stood aside while waiting for the joyful guests of the celebration to shoot in the air signifying the joyful event in their life as soon as the shots were made into the air , the US soldiers immediately rushed forward, a couple of people would be shot at the celebration and the rest were declared terrorists, put in wagons (and this is hundreds or more people) and taken away in an unknown direction, and in fact on the bodies! everyone who approached for donation was slaughtered taking their organs for sale, the worthless were shot and thrown away their bodies like garbage! those who approached as donors, respectively, also died after the removal of organs! I would like to write a lot more, but I will not write any more, and so I've written it, so make conclusions objectively and fairly, and do not start from personal malice or hatred! all the good!)

Our president was weak in knees before the Americans. Instead of showing the place to Israel, he was frightened of something. So business does not do. We were wrong to elect this man as president. He put the interests of Israel and the US higher than Russia. He is about to retire, he needs a man who does not bathe in the dust all these Anglo-Jewish-Saxon values. The existence of the State of Israel must always be a big question.